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FALCONEYES RX-18T/TD Roll-Flex LED Panel Bundle Kit

The Falconeyes RX-18T Roll-Flex LED is a groundbreaking light made up of 792 high quality LED beads, 5600K standard color temperature, and...

Aputure LightStorm COB 300d LED Studio Lighting Bundle Kit

The  LS C300d is the brightest light Aputure ever made. and winner of several awards (including Best Lighting Product at...

Aputure LightStorm COB 120d LED Studio Lighting Bundle Kit

£549.00 £568.00
Features:Aputure COB 120d LED light• Shape your Light    a. A Multi-Functional Light Shaping Tool;    b. Dial-in Brightness. Focus the...

CGPro GH5 Cage Kit Bundle

£449.00 £509.00
The new CGPro GH5 Armour Cage kit turns the camera into a production ready tool. Providing a  tool-less top handle...

FALCONEYES Ultra Thin Soft LED Edge Light Bundle Kit

The Falconeyes Round LED Light provides stunningly soft lighting for all applications, thanks to its' mirrored edge design. As with the...

CGPro Ultra Thin BNC/DIN HD-SDI 3G-SDI Cable Bundle Pack

This Ultra-Thin 3G/HD-SDI cable featuring with 1.0/2.3 DIN(also known as Mini DIN) / BNC to BNC Male or DIN connectors...

CGPRO V-lock Dual Battery Bundle Kit W/ Dual Charger

£309.00 £427.00
Fention FS-BP130 V-mount 14.8V 13.Ah 130Wh Li-ion Battery for Video Camera5 level LED power indicator for a quick check of...

Aputure Tri-8 CRI 95+ Amaran 3 LED Lighting Kit

£1,009.00 £1,115.00
The Amaran Flagship Tri-8 is the brightness and most compact led light ever of Amaran series. With durable metal construction,...

TiLTA ES-T37 GH4/GH5 Cage Rig Bundle

£499.00 £548.00
The TiLTA ES-T37 is the perfect cage kit for the GH5 . Based on the highly successful ES-T17 for A7...

TiLTA FF-T03 Fluid Damped Follow Focus Bundle Kit

£299.00 £389.00
Two damping levels, is suitable for both automatic   and manual lens. 2-points stoppers allow you tomark   the distance between one focus to another.   Stoppers can also be detached and then stored within   the follow focus itself.Features:• Professional Follow Focus for 15mm rails • Complete Follow Focus Kit with accessories• 0.5 and 0.6 gear mods ideal for...
TiLTA FF-T03 Fluid Damped Follow Focus Bundle Kit Sale

Mitakon 25mm + SLR Magic 1.33x 40 Compact Anamorphic Lens Combo - MFT Mount

£715.00 £881.50
The SLR Magic Anamorphot 1,33x - 40 (Compact) adapter is a small size, light weight, single focus anamorphic adapter designed...
Mitakon 25mm + SLR Magic 1.33x 40 Compact Anamorphic Lens Combo - MFT Mount Sale

Mitakon ZY-Optics GH4/GH5/BMPCC Lens Bundle - MFT Mount

£529.00 £568.00
A perfect dual lens kit for MFT cameras, very fast and compact. The lenses are housed in high quality metal bodies. Large...

Aputure LightStorm LS 1S/1C/1/2W LED Lighting Bundle Kit

£460.00 £1,705.00
Grab a bargain with these triple light kit bundles! Choose between the LS1 (daylight) , LS1-C (bi-colour) and LS-1/2 (wide)...

TiLTA HDV Series Offset Shoulder Rig

£1,159.00 £1,699.00
  Package Contents:1 x TiLTA III BS-T03 Baseplate1 x TILTA MB-T05 Light-Weight Matte Box1 x Tilta III FF-T03 Fluid Damped...
TiLTA HDV Series Offset Shoulder Rig Sale

Aputure HR-672 Amaran CRI 95+ LED Panel 3 Lighting Kit Bundle

Aputure Amaran LED Video Light CRI 95% HR-672 Bundle Lighting KitIncredible value bundle light kits from Aputure! There are several...

TiLTA TT-03-GJ Professional Follow Focus System w/ Safety case

This Follow Focus system includes the latest TILTA III follow focus with a quick release mechanism and interchangeable drive gears...
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