Aputure A.lav Lavalier Microphone

Aputure A.lav is a professional omni-directional lavalier microphone with a selected condenser element. From the microphone to inductor, capacitor, resistor...

Aputure A.Lyra Digital Lavalier Mic

The A.Lyra is the first broadcast grade digital microphone from Aputure. Combined with a superior digital audio converter technology from...

Aputure V-Mic D1 Directional Condenser Shotgun Microphone

Aputure V-Mic D1 is a directional condenser shotgun microphone featuring a super-cardioid polar pattern, line gradient acoustics, superior isolation, and...

Aputure V-Mic D2 Sensitivity Adjustable Directional Condenser Shotgun Microphone

The Aputure V-Mic D2 is the first shotgun microphone with an adjustable sensitivity that can be visually metered. It begins...

Deity Condenser Microphone For Canon Nikon Sony DSLR DV Camcorder for Digital Camera

Aputure Deity is a professional shotgun condenser microphone,offering superior sound performance,high industrial standard components and great craftwork made for a...

Deity D-XLR Deity Microphones

Upgrade Your 3.5mm MicrophonesThe D-XLR can convert 12-48V Phantom Power down to 3V ‘Plug in Power’, which allows microphones with...

Deity S-Mic 2 Short Shotgun Microphone

The construction of the mic body is computer machined from solid brass inside & out. No plastic is used anywhere...

Deity V-Mic D3 Deity Microphones

No More Excuses To Use Internal MicsThe V-Mic D3 is the workhorse on-camera microphone you’ve always wanted. Built with a...

Deity V-Mic D3 Pro Microphones

The V-Mic D3 Pro is everything you want in an on-camera microphone and some things you didn’t know you wanted....

Deity V.Lav Deity Microphones

A Lavalier Meant For All Devices; No More Adapters!The V.Lav is a broadcast-grade omni-directional lavalier microphone designed for use with...

Deity W.Lav Deity Connect

At Last, Affordable MicrodotEveryone loves Microdot. But up until now microdot lavaliers and adapters were very expensive. Not anymore. We...

Saramonic CaMixer Microphone Kit (Dual Stereo Condenser Mics, Digital Mixer, XLR/Mini-XLR Input)

The Saramonic CaMixer is a two channel, professional audio mixer designed to work with DSLR cameras and video cameras.Ultimate FlexibilityThe...

Saramonic GoMic Microphone for Gopro cameras,Gopro 3, 3+, 4

The G-Mic from Saramonic is your go anywhere, handle anything solution for adding high-quality audio to your GoPro.Capture every grunt,...

Saramonic LavMic Premium Lavalier Microphone (Smartphone, GoPro, DSLR)

The Saramonic LavMic is an all-in-one solution for recording hands-free audio to your DSLR camera, GoPro or iOS device. It...

Saramonic LavMicro - Broadcast-Quality Lavalier Omnidirectional Microphone

The LavMicro Broadcast Quality Lavalier Omnidirectional Microphone from Saramonic is a lightweight mic for capturing audio to a smartphone, video camera, or other portable...

Saramonic MixMic Shotgun Microphone (Integrated 2-Ch, XLR Audio Adapter)

The Saramonic MixMic adapter and microphone kit includes a combined SR-NV5 shotgun microphone and dual channel XLR adapter, allowing you...
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