Rig Components

LanParte MCK-01 Cage for GH3/4 and A7s

£135.00 £209.00
The LanParte MCK-01. The new cage for GH3/4 and A7s, packed full of features!  The new LanParte MCK-01 Cage for...

LanParte MCK-03 Ultimate Complete Rig for GH3/4 and A7s A7II A7RII

This is a complete handheld production rig from LanParte, fully featured yet simple and elegant design.It uses the traditional ENG...

PDMOIVE Rig Air Universal Half Cage Kit

PDMOVIE RIG AIR is a versatile half cage, it fits most of the DSLR cameras in this tiny cage. It...

TiLTA ES-T17 SONY A7 Series Cage for A7III, A7R, A7RII, A7s, A7sII,A7RIII,A9

£219.00 £299.00
This extremely versatile camera cage is designed for the Sony a7 series of cameras (a7S, a7S II, a7R, a7R II,...
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