Specialists in camera rigging, cages and stabilisers. Precision CNC engineering ensures the highest quality results at extremely affordable prices. Suitable for the indy and professional market.

Lanparte LA3D-S2 Detachable Wired Control Gimble

The most versatile hand-held detachable mountable Gimbal for Smartphone & GoPro with wired control and wireless upgrade option available soon....

LanParte FF-02 Follow Focus V2 with A/B hard stops

£299.00 £320.00
This LanParte follow focus unit allows precise control over your cameras focus. When shooting it provides a much more ergonomic...
LanParte FF-02 Follow Focus V2 with A/B hard stops Sale

LanParte FF-05 Dual Sided Studio Follow Focus

Meeting the needs of studio and cinema professionals that require a dual sided Follow Focus. Using LanParte's signature Follow Focus...

LanParte MCK-01 Cage for GH3/4 and A7s

£135.00 £209.00
The LanParte MCK-01. The new cage for GH3/4 and A7s, packed full of features!  The new LanParte MCK-01 Cage for...

LanParte MCK-02 Handheld Kit for GH3/GH4 and A7s A7RII A7sII

£509.00 £590.00
This kit is a compact lightweight handheld setup, which includes a pair of front handles and an adjustable chest pad....
LanParte MCK-02 Handheld Kit for GH3/GH4 and A7s A7RII A7sII Sale

LanParte MCK-03 Ultimate Complete Rig for GH3/4 and A7s A7II A7RII

This is a complete handheld production rig from LanParte, fully featured yet simple and elegant design.It uses the traditional ENG...

LanParte LANC-01 LANC Controller For BMPCC & Sony Camera

A stylish and compact LANC controller. It secures tightly onto the LanParte Front Handles and gives you the ability to...

LanParte VBP-01 Pro V-Mount Power Distributor w/ HDMI Splitter for 15mm Rails System for 5D MarkII/III/BMCC/FS700

LanParte Pro V-Mount 5v, 7.2v, 12v & 15v Power Distributor & HDMI Splitter for 15mm Rail System compatible with BlackMagic...

LanParte VBP-02 Pro V-Mount Power Distributor

The LPT VBP-02 Pro is supplied with a mains adaptor which provides a 18v input, which can be used to...

LanParte VMS-01C V-Mount Shoulder Support, V2 (501)

£179.00 £350.00
Build up your DSLR, mirrorless, or camcorder to fit on your shoulder with the Lanparte V-Mount Shoulder Support V2. An...

LanParte ASC-02 Transportation Case

£135.00 £159.00
The Lanparte ABS Protection Suitcase is designed with two custom-cut stacking foam insert layers that can hold and protect key...

LanParte BLF19P-01 DC Coupler pack for GH4 GH3

People love the Panasonic GH3 GH4, and for good reason. However, when you shoot you face a problem.... Power. When...

LanParte BMCC-01 Blackmagic Cinema Camera Cage Kit

The Lanparte BMCC Basic Cage has 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded holes on the bottom for attaching it to a tripod...

Lanparte BMCC-02 Blackmagic Cinema Camera Cage Rig

The Lanparte Blackmagic Cinema Camera Kit can be used for cinema camera and production camera 4K. The kit comes with a...

LanParte ARL-01T-D2 15mm Dual Rosette Clamp

£25.00 £29.00
This Dual Rosette clamp will allow connections for rosette handles onto your rig, using ARRI standard rosettes on each side.  Features:•...

LanParte AHRC-01 Angle Adjustable Rod Raiser

£17.50 £25.00
The LPT Angle Adjustable 4 Hole Rod Raiser can be used to adjust the angle of your shoulder pad and...
LanParte AHRC-01 Angle Adjustable Rod Raiser Sale
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