Light Accessories

Aputure 5-Pin Male-to-Female XLR cable for LS C300d II/300x/Nova P300c

The Aputure 5-Pin Male-to-Female XLR cable is designed for the LS C300d II/300x/Nova P300c.  The cable has 5-pin XLR connectors...

Aputure 60d/60x Spotlight Mini Zoom Projection Lens with 2X Zoom

The Spotlight Mini Zoom is a 2X optical projection lens designed to be compatible with the LS 60d and LS...

Aputure Barndoors for Light Storm LS C120/120DII/300D/300DII/300X Bowens Mount

Professional Light Shaping ToolThe Aputure Barndoors set is a light shaping tool made of durable metal build, Bowens mount compatibility,...

Aputure F10 10” Metal Barndoors for the F10 Fresnel Bowens Mount

The F10 Barn Doors is a light shaping accessory for use with larger Bowens-Mount lights and Fresnel modifiers. The F10...

Aputure F10 FRESNEL 10” Glass Fresnel Lens Bowens Mount

The Aputure F10 Fresnel is the first Bowens Mount Fresnel on the market made to match the size of traditional...

Aputure Light Dome 150 Softbox Bowens Mount

SUPERB SOFTNESSThe Light Dome 150's expansive 5 foot (150cm) transforms Bowens Mount point-source lights into a massive soft source, elegantly...

Aputure Light Dome II Soft Box for Light Storm LS C120/120DII/C300D/300DII/300X LED Light Bowens Mount

Aputure Light Dome II Softbox for LS 120 and 300 Lights (p/n 6947214409554). Makes one incredibly even and big soft...

Aputure Light Dome Mini II Soft Box for Light Storm LS C120/120DII/C300D/300DII/300X LED Light Bowens Mount

Features: 21.5" Softbox Dual Diffusers Fast Setup Gel holder included 40° Honeycomb Grid

Aputure Light OctaDome 120 Bowens Mount Octagonal Softbox with Grid (47.2") For 1200d Pro/600x Pro/600d Pro/300X/300d II

BRIGHT, NEW CHOICES The Light OctaDome 120 is a 120cm (47.2in) Bowens Mount Octagonal Softbox. This 8-sided softbox transforms any...

Aputure SIDUS LINK® BRIDGE Wireless Transceiver

£67.15 £79.00
The Sidus Link® Bridge is a 2.4GHz RF/Bluetooth intermediary wireless transceiver that allows users to connect their legacy 2.4GHz Aputure...
Aputure SIDUS LINK® BRIDGE Wireless Transceiver Sale

Aputure Spotlight Bowens Mount

The NEW Aputure Light Modifiers For COB Series LED Lights. Compatible With Aputure 120D/120D II/300D/300D II. Achieve Greater ControlWith the...

CGPro Dual Light Stand bracket

The Two Light Bracket has two (2) ¼"-20 male threads for mounting two (2) lights side by side. It also...

DOF Micro Cold Shoe Mount Ball Head for Camera-Top Accessory

Ball-joint with ¼-20 Male Thread on top and Standard Cold Shoe on bottom with integrated ¼-20 Female ThreadWide range of...

F&V RS-1 Softbox 30x40 with Grid for R300 w/o Bracket

F&V RS-1 Softbox 30x40 with Grid for R300 w/o BracketFeatures:• Softens Light and Increases Area of Light Source• Lightweight and...

FalconEyes AD-PS1 Battery Adapter V-Mount to F-Mount

V-Mount to Sony NP battery plate converterUsing AD-PS1, two batteries from the NP- Sony series i.e. NP-F550/750/970 can be used in...
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