*Aputure HR-672S Amaran CRI 95+ LED Panel Lighting (RENTAL)

The AMARAN 672 S is the spotlight version with high brightness in a 25degree field of view. Can be battery...

*Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2w Lighting Kit (RENTAL)

The Aputure Lightstorm LEDs are renowned for their high quality, output and accuracy. The 1/2 size is a portable daylight...

*Aputure LS 1s Light Storm LED Lighting Kit (RENTAL)

The Aputure Lightstorm LEDs are renowned for their high quality, output and accuracy. The LS-1s size is a daylight balanced...

*ASXMOV Muilt-function car mount (RENTAL)

If you need to mount your camera on a moving vehicle for some cool high speed shots then this car...


Bypass your cameras internal compressed codec and record in high bitrate Prores in 4k up to 30fps!Also suitable for recoding...


The Atomos Shogun Inferno is a 7", 1920 x 1200 on-camera recording monitor that combines 4K recording with a 10-bit FRC...

*Bestview BSY702F-HDS 7 Inch Full HD 10 BIT MIPI Monitor (RENTAL)

Affordable rental option for a 10bit 1080p 7inch monitor with HDMI and 3G-SDI! High brightness and decent viewing angles, this...

*CGPro Prime 3 Tripod (RENTAL)

A fantastic tripod, very portable and lightweight, the head holds a payload of up to 6kg, so ideal for smaller...

*FV R720 Ring light (RENTAL)

As a beauty light, the R720 takes some beating due to its large 290mm inner diameter giving a soft catchlight,...

*G.L OPTICS 50-100mm T2 Super Speed PL Mount Zoom Lens (RENTAL)

This ultra fast zoom lens is based on the Sigma 50-100 and excels in performance and image quality.It makes an...


A fantastic gimbal for Smart phones and GoPro. Includes useful features like Portrait mode, Selfie mode and 360 degree panoramic...

*Motion9 43inch Slider (RENTAL)

A super portable travel slider for rental. 43inches long, and extended travel using a tripod. The payload it carries is...

*PDMOVIE A3-DC REMOTE AIR 3 Wireless Follow Focus Kit Dual Channel (RENTAL)

The Remote Air 3 has arrived. The smallest, slimmest design and the most advanced and powerful Wireless Controller to date....

*PDMOVIE PD3-P2 Remote Air Pro iOS Wireless FIZ Lens Control System Dual Channel (RENTAL)

Perfect Dual channel kit for Wireless Follow Focus. 100m range with pre-programmable lens data.  Suitable for stills and cine lenses....

*Reflector Discs 110cm (5in1) (RENTAL)

Blazzeo 5-in-1 Reflector contains 5 common photography reflectors including gold, silver, black, white, and soft layer, which are made of...

*SmallHD 501 HDMI Monitor (RENTAL)

Advanced 5 inch HDMI monitor, packed with features including built-in LUT support. Can be used for handheld using the Sidefinder...
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