TiLTA Illusion 95mm Pearlaura Mist Filter

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Lightweight & PortableThe 95MM standard filters are designed to balance image quality and portability in terms of thickness and weight. The package also includes standard accessories such as a filter...

Lightweight & Portable
The 95MM standard filters are designed to balance image quality and portability in terms of thickness and weight. The package also includes standard accessories such as a filter storage bag and cleaning cloth, allowing users to focus on their creative work without limitations.
Double-Sided Nano Coating
Benefiting from *5nm high-precision vacuum coating (Optical communication level processing precision) technology, the filters surface remains clean, scratch-resistant, and less likely to stain, effectively protecting the filters and reducing light reflection.
Premium Water White Glass
Made with premium Water White Glass, these filters undergo multiple processes to prevent reflections and provide accurate colour rendition.
Compatible With The ‘Mirage’ Ecosystem
Compatible with the TILTA ‘Mirage’ 95mm Matte Box.

Filters, as essential optical accessories in photography that offer image creators the freedom and precision to control exposure and depth of field. They also contribute to crafting specific lighting and atmospheres within the visuals
Now, TILTA's latest creative filters have arrived.

TiLTA'S Latest Creative Filters - Illusion Filter Series

As TILTA's latest self-developed product, the Illusion series was designed from the outset, drawing inspiration from the essence of classic Eastern and Western paintings and Hollywood blockbusters. By integrating more artistic and personalized expressions into traditional filters, TILTA has created high-performance filters compatible with the new generation of high-resolution digital cameras.

Three Unique Design Philosophies

The Illusion Filter : The Unseen B-side of Imagery

- 5nm vacuum coating process

Coating is a critical step in lens manufacturing. Optical coatings modify the lens's reflectivity, transmission, and anti-reflective properties, thereby enhancing its optical performance. TILTA uses 5nm coating technology, uniquely blending the layers for each coating. Each layer undergoes meticulous vacuum processing with three essential coatings, including AR anti-reflective, colour separation, and polarizing films, ensuring each filter leaves the factory with superior optical quality.

- Unique Highlight Roll-off Characteristics

Our 'illusion' filters simulate the scattering effect of light on the lens by adding micro concave-convex and speckled textures to the lens surface. This treatment causes light to diffuse and disperse, producing a soft, radiating effect, thereby enhancing the artistic and romantic atmosphere of the overall image.

- Colour Retention

Subtly adjusts colour styles, blending insights from both imagery and art. This involves adding soft hues to enhance the emotional expression in photos or films.

Drawing inspiration from the soul of Eastern and Western classical arts, Redefining traditional filters with a modern edge.Restore imagination with soft image control. Available now.

Introducing the next generation of 95mm filters for the Mirage Matte Box – TILTA ILLUSION

The Illusion Filters are the new, in house manufactured set of filters specifically designed for the Circular 95mm Standard of the Mirage Matte Box.

This filter is a type of diffusion filter that reduces contrast and produces a pearlescent halo around light sources and smoothes out blemishes on a subject’s skin.

This creates a soft visual atmosphere while still retaining sharpness and as much detail in the shadows as possible.

This filter is ideal for users who are looking for more dream like pearlescent blooming of highlights and smoother skin tones.

  • [DIFFUSION FILTER] Reduces Contrast and Creates a Subtle Glow on Highlights
  • [PROTECTION FILTER] Protects Against Scratches, Smudges, & Debris
  • [TRUE COLOR] Rendition Produces Clean & Accurate Colors
  • [95MM STANDARD] Compatible with the Tilta Mirage Matte Box
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT] Design is Significantly Lighter and Thinner than Traditional Filters



Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches

Weight: 0.48 lbs

Materials: Glass

Colour: Pearlaura Mist

Package Contents:
1x TiLTA Illusion 95mm Pearlaura Mist Filter

Pearlaura Mist Filter Kit (PK2592):
1x Tilta Illusion 95mm Pearlaura Mist 1/2 Filter(TF-95-PM12)
1x Tilta Illusion 95mm Pearlaura Mist 1/4 Filter(TF-95-PM14)
1x Tilta Illusion 95mm Pearlaura Mist 1/8 Filter(TF-95-PM18)
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