Portkeys BM7 II DS 2200 Nit HDMI/SDI Monitor Wireless Camera Control

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  • SKU: BM7 II-DS
  • Product code: 535954
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Wireless Camera Control Wireless Camera Control:KOMODO | V-RAPTOR | BMPCC4K | BMPCC6K | BMPCC 6K Pro SONY: A7MⅢ | RX0 | A1 | A9Ⅱ | A7C | FX3 | FX30...

Wireless Camera Control

Wireless Camera Control:KOMODO | V-RAPTOR | BMPCC4K | BMPCC6K | BMPCC 6K Pro SONY: A7MⅢ | RX0 | A1 | A9Ⅱ | A7C | FX3 | FX30 | RX10 | A7SⅢ | A7M Ⅳ

Custom JPG Picture Freeze Frame

After capturing an image, it can be compared with real-time video by semi-transparent image superposition

Note: Must be a 16:9 1920×1080 jpg image

Split Screen Monitoring

Two screens can load the same 3D LUT file, support dual horizontal/dual vertical/left horizontal and right vertical/left vertical and right horizontal/ left horizontal and right vertical cropping of the same source

Note: Left and right screens can be flipped individually and mirrored

3D LUT HDMI Output

HDMI、3G-SDI can output video after loading 3D LUT

Wired Control Tilta Nucleus-N/M Motors

Compatible with Tilta Nucleus-N/M Motors and display the wireless follow the focus scale

CNC Aluminum Alloy All-metal Shell

With fast heat dissipation and high durability

Wired control of RED cinema camera

DSMC3 EXT control line (optional) to control DSMC3
DSMC2 CTRL control line (optional) to control DSMC2

Anamorphic Lens Calibration

Supported Ratio: 1.00X/1.33X/1.42X/1.50X/1.60X/1.66X/1.85X/2.00X/2.35X
User-defined adjustment range: 0.25X-4.00X

HDMI to SDI Output

Built-in signal conversion, no external signal conversion box required

False color and ARRI False color

Customisable overexposure and underexposure IRE scales

Brightness and RGB Signal Detection Before/After Loading 3D LUT

Loading 3D LUTs for better picture quality and more intuitive monitoring

Multiple Ways of Operating

Both button scroll wheel and touch screen, more flexibility in operation

Various Interfaces

Video input 3G-SDI×2/HDMI×1, video output 3G-SDI×1/HDMI×1, 3.5mm headphone jack×1

Customized Peaking Range(Peaking Frame)

Peaking perfectly avoids rendering camera parameters

Custom Rectangular Image Crop

Easily and clearly monitor the details of your images

Factory Color Calibration-709 colour gamut with X-Rite 1D hardware

More accurate color calibration and more intuitive image monitoring

Package Contents:
1x BM7 II DS Monitor
1x Safety Box

1x Screw-in DC Power Cable

1x Micro USB Flash Drive

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