PDMOVIE LIVE AIR 3 Motor Smart (1Nm) Intelligent LiDAR AutoFocus System

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AUTOFOCUS Assistive AutofocusThe advent of MOTOR SMART has made handheld shooting more versatile and flexible. LiDAR automatic ranging can project a total of 4096 ranging points with a field of...


Assistive Autofocus
The advent of MOTOR SMART has made handheld shooting more versatile and flexible.
LiDAR automatic ranging can project a total of 4096 ranging points with a field of view angle of 28°. It accurately measures the distance to the subject within the effective range and automatically controls the motor to drive the lens for autofocus based on the data.

Wide-Area Focus

The motor rangefinder will automatically identify and autofocus on objects in the scanning range that are closer to the camera.



Drive Module
High Troque Low Latency, High Precision


Antenna Module
The latest 5.3 Bluetooth connection technology, with a control distance of up to 100 meters


LiDAR Module
Fast scanning target distance AI analysis travel data Assisted autofocus

Power Supply Module
Supporting fast charging and quick replacement, with a battery life of nearly 6-10 hours


The World's Smallest Thumbwheel for Focus Control

Easy Installation Anywhere, Without Any Obstacles

The controller comes with a 1/4-inch screw and can be mounted on any equipment with a corresponding screw hole, such as kits, handles, and monitors.

REMOTE AIR RIR Large Handwheel Device

Get rid of spatial limitations, operate wirelessly and appear more confident.

Quick Lens AF Marking

After completing lens travel calibration, simply mark three positions to quickly complete the marking process and enjoy autofocus functionality.

Manual/Automatic Calibration

Using the motor button, easily start automatic lens calibration. For lenses with infinite rotation, manual calibration can also be used to set the lens travel distance

Fast AF Channel Switching

Differentiate lenses that have been AF marked using lens label stickers, switch the motor channel to match the labeled lens, and then calibrate the lens stroke to enable autofocus functionality.

High Resolution
The controller has a travel resolution of 16384 DPI, and the motor has a travel resolution of up to 16384 DPI per rotation, enabling low-latency response to operational commands.
Standard Gears
Comes with a 0.8 Mod gear as standard, and additional 0.4/0.5/0.6 Mod gears can be purchased for easy compatibility with various lenses.

One-Button Setting Function
All settings can be configured using a single button press

Real-time distance measurement and assisted autofocus achieved through AI algorithm

Power Light

Real-time feedback on motor power and response speed status

Channel Light

Ability to store AF data for up to five lenses

Motor Battery Life

LI-42Bx2 Battery / Endurance: 6-8 hours Supports quick disassembly

LI-42Bx3 Battery / Endurance: 8-10 hours Supports quick disassembly

Controller Battery Life

LIR2477 Battery Endurance: 8 - 10 Hours upports quick disassembly

Assistive Focus Stickers

Applying assistive focus stickers can increase LIDAR measuring distance. Users can use the provided reflective stickers or purchase their own preferred reflective stickers

Double Power Mode

When the MOTOR SMART is in a high-speed response state and the battery is at 100% capacity, it will automatically activate the Double Power mode. In this mode, the motor's power output is doubled, and the peak torque can reach up to 1.5Nm. The radar scanning rate can also be increased to 480Hz. When the battery level drops below 95%, the motor will automatically exit the Double Power mode. To keep the motor in the Double Power mode for an extended period, an external power source can be connected via the Type-C interface.

Type-C Quick Charge

MOTOR SMART can quick charge the battery and enter to double power mode through Type-C interface.

- Charged to 80% in 15 minutes
- Fully charged to 100% in 25 minutes
*MOTOR SMART MINI does not have Type-C interface



Illuminance Performance

Motor Performance

Configuration Parameters​

  • Suitable for connecting with PDL-TC-AFX.
  • Apply to auto/ manual control various cine lenses or SLR lenses
  • Autofocus lens data mark and save, can save up to 5 lenses
  • Automatically calibrated lens stroke
  • Manually calibrated the lens stroke
  • Motor rotation direction setting
  • Motor speed setting
  • Ios App control
  • Added Type C power socket and ON/OFF Command

Weight: 152g
Size: L 87mm * W 56mm * H 23mm
Rod clamp size: DIA 15mm
Maximum torque: 1.0Nm
Operating Voltage: 9.6V~12.6V
Temperature: +60°C;-20°C
Power supply: Li-42Bx3 recharger battery (3.7V 600mAh 2.2Wh)
Connections: Bluetooth 5.0
LiDAR scanning distance: 4m, 28 degree
Wireless working distance: Straight line - Max 100m

Package Contents:

1x Motor Smart (PD-BTMP-SP)
1x Lens Gear Ring
2x LI42Bx3 Battery
1x LI42B Charger
1x Assistive Focus Stickers
1x Lens Label Stickers

1x Hot Shoe Clamp
1x 15mm Rod
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x USB-C Charging Cable
1x Spanner 1/4 screw Kit
1x Secure Zipper Box

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