GODOX KNOWLED MG2400Bi K2 Bi-Colour COB LED Cine Broadcasting Light Kit With Flight Case

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Building upon the Revolutionary KNOWLED 1200Bi, the GODOX KNOWLED MG2400Bi Bi-Colour LED Broadcast Lighting is an Ultra-powerful 2600W Bi-Colour COB LED Light fixture, which has Class-Leading performance, designed to launch...

Building upon the Revolutionary KNOWLED 1200Bi, the GODOX KNOWLED MG2400Bi Bi-Colour LED Broadcast Lighting is an Ultra-powerful 2600W Bi-Colour COB LED Light fixture, which has Class-Leading performance, designed to launch your productions to new heights. Featuring a highly robust, build-quality, with intuitive controls, and IP54 Weather Resistance, the MG2400Bi is the answer to every Lighting  Gaffer and Cinematographer’s dreams. The MG2400Bi has a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 96+, making it suitable for broadcast usage. It supports a plethora of professional control protocols including DMX512 and LumenRadio CRMX plus many more. It can also be controlled remotely using the GODOX RC-A6II, RC-R9II, and RC-11 Remote controllers, or via the GODOX Light App, and the new Godox KNOWLED App using Bluetooth. The creative possibilities with the MG2400BI are virtually endless. The perfect lighting solution for Large TV and Broadcasting, Filmmaking, and Cinematography, as well as for Theatrical Stage Show productions.

Full 2600W Output Across All Colour Temperatures

Building upon the power-packed performance of MG1200Bi, the MG2400Bi introduces significant enhancements. With an impressive 2900W input power and cutting-edge COB technology, it achieves an astounding stable output of 2600W across all colour temperatures. 

Breaking Boundaries, Illuminating More Scenes

dhanks to the advanced technology, the MG2400Bi matches traditional 4K PAR and 6K Fresnel lights when paired with meticulously engineered optical accessories, even at distances exceeding 10 meters. It also significantly reduces power requirements in the same scene.

Evenly Blending Results

The MG2400Bi boasts class-leading blending technology, guaranteeing impeccable results. It delivers consistent and natural lighting, showcasing intricate and rich details of light and shadow. Through the use of advanced optical technology, it effectively manages heat buildup, reducing LED temperatures for enhanced color accuracy and an extended lifespan.

The KNOWLED Cinematic Ecosystem

The KNOWLED system maintains high-quality standards and incorporates premium light beads across the entire series. With rigorous calibration and testing, fixtures of various types can seamlessly coexist, ensuring users an efficient and convenient lighting experience.

The New And Innovative G-Mount

The KNOWLED MG2400Bi LED Broadcast Lighting uses the new and revolutionary Godox G-Mount, which features electrical contacts allowing the light to recognise which modifier is connected to it. This enables the MG2400Bi to intelligently correct its colour temperature depending on the accessory being used, ensuring that the colour temperature is consistent no matter what modifier is being used.

Superior Heat Dissipation

The MG2400Bi is equipped with an efficient and reliable air-cooling system, ensuring exceptional airflow and pressure efficiency even in extreme conditions, no matter whether you are 5000 meters above sea level, or freezing temperatures as low as -30°C. Its detachable fan design simplifies maintenance, providing a hassle-free experience. 

Flicker-Free Performance

With its extraordinary power, the MG2400Bi delivers more than enough brightness for shooting at high framerate, enabling you to capture flicker-free footage, ensuring the quality of your films maintains a high, professional-quality standard.

Flexible On-Set Arrangements

To meet the demands of high-end productions, the MG2400Bi features a separate light body and controller-box design, along with an 8-meter control cable. This enables you to mount your light mounted high-up on a wind-up stand or truss system, whilst the controls remain at ground level for easy access. This helps to streamline the overall efficiency of the film production on-set. 

Professional Control System

The KNOWLED MG2400Bi supports a plethora of industry-standard control protocols, including CRMX, DMX (via a 5-pin XLR connection), Ethernet, Bluetooth, on-board, and removable panel controls. Additionally, MG2400Bi can be controlled through the all-new KNOWLED App for more convenient and intuitive controls.

More User-Friendly Interface

Gathering feedback from numerous lighting professionals, Godox continues to refine and optimise and improve its products to deliver safe and user-friendly LED lighting solutions for the film and television industry.

Single-Hand Lock

Simple Half-Circle Design for Easy and Secure Installation

360° Adjustable Yoke

Allows for easy angle adjustment of the Knowled MG2400 light.

Power Limit Mode

When the power supply is unable to meet the startup requirements, pressing the PRESET + Mode button
simultaneously during startup will automatically activate the power limit mode.

Maintenance Reminder

When the unit reaches its designated usage duration, a maintenance reminder will appear.
Users can clean the glass with alcohol to ensure optimal performance.

Comprehensive Light-Shaping System

Explore the MG2400Bi and unlock a world of possibilities with its versatile accessory ecosystem. With high-temperature resistance and a scientifically crafted heat dissipation vent, it ensures safety all the time.

The GODOX KNOWLED MG2400Bi Bi-Colour Broadcast-Quality LED Light is an ultra-powerful lighting solution for serious Filmmakers, Cinematographers, and Lighting Gaffers at theatrical productions. When paired with the range of G-Mount modifiers designed for it the lighting possibilities are virtually endless.  


  • 4,400lux of Brightness at 6500K at 10m
  • Used the New Revolutionary Intelligent Godox G-Mount
  • IP54 Weather-Resistant, enabling it to be used in the rain and fog, etc.
  • Production-Ready Colour Rendering with CRI and TLCI of 96+
  • Precise Brightness adjustments 0.1% increments
  • 11 Built-in Lighting FX
  • 360° rotatable light body for more convenient adjustment
  • 8-metre long power cord and connecting cable for more flexibility for light placement
  • Specially-Designed Rubber Cables, designed to protect cables from being squashed under roller stands or stiffening in low temperatures
  • Supports a plethora of Professional control Protocols including DMX512 LumenRadio CRMX Control etc.


Power Supply 100V-240V~50/60Hz 30A (Max. )
Max. Power ≈2900W
CCT 2800K~6500K
Brightness Range 0%-100% (0.1% stepless dimming)
Dimming Curves Linear, S-curve, exponential, logarithmic
FX Modes 11
CRI 96
Waterproof Rating of Light Body and Controller IP54
Control Methods DMX 512 Control (support RDM protocol / LumenRadioCRMX) / RC-A6 Remote Control / Bluetooth App Control / Ethernet (support Art-Net & sACN protocol) / Remove Controller / Light Body Control (Remove Controller RC11 is sold separately )
Max. Bluetooth Control Distance 100m
USB Type-A Port Firmware Upgrade
Flight Case Yes
Dimensions (Yoke and Reflector Not Included)

Light Body:16.10” ×15.16”×14.02”


Net. Weight

Light Body (Yoke and reflector not included ):22kg


Photometrics For MG2400Bi (Bare Lamp)

CCT Unit 3m 5m 7m 9m 10m
2800K lux ≈8,810 ≈3,540 ≈2,120 ≈1,480 ≈1,250
fc ≈818 ≈329 ≈197 ≈137 ≈116
3200K lux ≈9,700 ≈3,950 ≈2,360 ≈1,640 ≈1,380
fc ≈901 ≈367 ≈220 ≈152 ≈128
4300K lux ≈11,600 ≈4,740 ≈2,840 ≈1,920 ≈1,650
fc ≈1,080 ≈440 ≈264 ≈179 ≈153
5600K lux ≈12,000 ≈4,890 ≈2,900 ≈1,970 ≈1,700
fc ≈1,150 ≈454 ≈269 ≈183 ≈158
6500K lux ≈11,300 ≈4,650 ≈2,730 ≈1,870 ≈1,600
fc ≈1,050 ≈432 ≈254 ≈174 ≈149

Photometrics For MG2400Bi (With GR45 Standard Reflector).

CCT Unit 3m 5m 7m 9m 10m
2800K lux ≈32,200 ≈11,700 ≈6,240 ≈4,000 ≈3,380
fc ≈2,990 ≈1,090 ≈580 ≈372 ≈314
3200K lux ≈35,900 ≈13,000 ≈6,900 ≈4,450 ≈3,740
fc ≈3,340 ≈1,200 ≈641 ≈413 ≈348
4300K lux ≈43,200 ≈15,700 ≈8,340 ≈5,370 ≈4,490
fc ≈4,020 ≈1,460 ≈775 ≈499 ≈417
5600K lux ≈44,600 ≈16,200 ≈8,590 ≈5,520 ≈4,650
fc ≈4,140 ≈1,500 ≈798 ≈513 ≈432
6500K lux ≈42,100 ≈15,300 ≈8,100 ≈5,260 ≈4,400
fc ≈3,910 ≈1,420 ≈753 ≈489 ≈408

Package Contents:

1x MG2400bi Light Body

1x Controller Box

1x GR45 Standard Reflector

1x Protection Cover

1x Main Cable

1x Tying Rope

1x Yoke

1x Antenna

1x Clamp

1x Safety Cable

1x DC Cable

1x FC05 Flight Case

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