CHIOPT SLASHER 24mm T2.0 Macro Prime Lens

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SLASHER series film lens is a new set of full-frame digital SLR fixed focus film lens set with macro function developed by CHIOPT. The first batch of products includes 24/35/50/75/100,...

SLASHER series film lens is a new set of full-frame digital SLR fixed focus film lens set with macro function developed by CHIOPT. The first batch of products includes 24/35/50/75/100, a total of five lenses. The whole set of products has the same imaging style, 8K ultra-high definition resolution, minimal distortion, excellent dispersion control, large aperture, uniform defocus light and shadow, smooth light spot, long flange distance design, PL stainless steel bayonet, and is equipped with PL-EF/E/RF and other transfer rings to be launched by CHIOPT, Can easily connect to camera systems such as Canon and Sony.

As a large aperture fixed lens group, the imaging quality and mechanical performance of the SLASHER excellent table can become a sharp tool for conventional film and television shooting. The entire set of products includes micro protection function, making it one of the few fixed focus film lenses in the world with macro function in the entire set of products.

The appropriate magnification and depth of field control for each focus segment can reduce the difficulty of focusing. Its close-up operation does not rely on other close-up accessories, and all close-up operations are carried out on the lens itself. It can continuously focus between close-up and infinity, allowing for quick adjustment from close-up to normal shooting. This provides convenience for alternating close-up and normal shooting in advertising shooting, The language expression of special shots plays an irreplaceable role.

Ultra High Resolution

Meets 8K ultra high resolution, comfortable and natural graphics, true movie level image quality , full series focus center and edge high-resolution image quality performance, high resolution.

Focal length

Numerous focal lengths expand your field of view, short focal lengths capture more inspiration, natural visual effects, realistic and comfortable images, and medium focal lengths depict clearly,excellent stereoscopic effect and depth of field, outstanding telephoto effect with long focal length, rich details presented, and excellent background blurring effect.

Full Frame

Perfectly utilizing the performance of the camera, the image representation is natural and vivid. Realistic restoration of image clarity, contrast, and color. Regardless of the type of shooting, it can bring outstanding performance and commendable image quality.

Macro Lenses

Capturing the details of small objects at close range allows you to explore the microscopic world. Has excellent virtual effect and can create beauty. The beautiful background is blurry, highlighting the clarity of the subject. Easily control focus and aperture to achieve perfect macro visual effects.

Large Aperture

With a maximum T2.0 aperture, more light enters and more inspiration emerges. This not only improves the brightness and clarity of the image, but also creates a shallow depth of field effect with a large aperture, creating an artistic experience for you A highly artistic visual effect. At the same time, it performs better in low light environments, capturing more details and colors, making the image more vivid and realistic, creating a more outstanding image effect Make your photography more artistic and expressive.

Mechanical Performances

Excellent mechanical performance, high-quality metal materials, and exquisite processing technology make it more
sturdy and durable. At the same time, the aperture control system is flexible and easy to adjust the aperture size.
The lens also has
Dustproof and waterproof drip function, capable of long-term use in harsh environments.
Let you focus more on shooting and create more freely


There is the PL mount, and the long flange distance of PL mount gives it stronger transfer ability. Paired with CHIOPT s upcoming PL,EF adapter ring, it can achieve perfect transfer between ARRI and CANON systems, or it can be paired with CHIOPT s upcoming PE adapter ring to achieve transfer between ARRI and SONY systems; At the same time, it is compatible with the EF and E mounts of CHIOPT s zoom series (available separately), making it your ideal choice to meet your shooting needs in different occasions, making your creations more free and diverse.


Excellent distortion control ability, presenting more realistic and natural images, and creating more artistic and expressive works, making your works clearer and more delicate. Creation has never been so easy and enjoyable. The excellent quality of Slasher will become an indispensable creative tool for you, helping you create amazing works.


95mm front caliber, matched with a professional sunshade, standard filter thread of 86mm, easy to adapt to various brands of filters,
easy to replace, no need to worry about it in the future, just focus on your shooting creation. 
From then on, your works will be
gentle and romantic, unique and beautiful in the world of filters. Let Slasher join you on your mysterious adventure


It s difficult for you to find such a cost-effective professional macro film lens group

again, and perhaps there won t be any more in the future.

  • Good distortion: The full range of excellent distortion performance, 24 mm wide Angle distortion is good enough that you don't have to regret the loss of a wide angle macro cinema lens.
  • Colour matching: SLASHER all colors match. Make sure you get it Perfect image, reduce the later workload.
  • Surface technology: Unique spraying process, higher hardness, better strength, more anti grease
  • Anti-dust and raindrops: During the design process of the lens structure of this series, the protection against general sand, dust and raindrops has been specially strengthened to ensure normal shooting under severe conditions. *Sand, dust and raindrops are not the promised function of this product, but to minimize the possibility of its occurrence during product design, please use it in a safe environment
  • Solid metal structure: All-metal structure, PL/EF/E mounts are made of high-strength stainless steel, which is stable and durable, providing reliable protection for your shooting.
  • Super focal length: The focal length reaches 250mm, with a 1.7x teleconverter, it reaches 425mm ultra-telephoto length to meet your ultra-long-distance shooting needs, From now on, the camera position is free enough, and the framing is more convenient
  • Follow focus stroke: 288-degree focus stroke, realizing manual precise follow focus
  • Metric & English scale optional: Metric scale on the focusing ring left side, and English scale on the right side. Full english scale optional to meet your different demand

Package Contents:
1x CHIOPT SLASHER 24mm T2.0 Macro Prime Lens
1x Rear Cap
1x Front Cap

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