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The V-Mic D3 Pro is everything you want in an on-camera microphone and some things you didn’t know you wanted. The auto-adjusting Smart Universal 3.5mm TRRS output adapts to whatever...
The V-Mic D3 Pro is everything you want in an on-camera microphone and some things you didn’t know you wanted. The auto-adjusting Smart Universal 3.5mm TRRS output adapts to whatever type of 3.5mm TS, TRS, or TRRS microphone input you plug it into.

The World’s First Smart Microphone
Inside the V-Mic D3 Pro lives a microprocessor that digitally shakes hands with the audio input it’s been plugged into. The D3 Pro will work with a phone, tablet, DSLR, body pack transmitters; just about anything with a 3.5mm microphone jack. We have tested it on a dozen DSLR models, two dozen phones, a handful of Android based tablets, and the microphone inputs on laptops. When plugged into devices that have a stereo microphone input, the V-Mic D3 Pro outputs dual mono tracks. It can also be adapted to some microphone inputs that use the mini XLR jack*.

Still Featuring The World’s Only Step-less Gain Adjustment
When we came out with the V-Mic D2 we made history by creating the world’s first on-camera microphone that featured step-less gain adjustments. We continue that legacy with the V-Mic D3 Pro by including a +20dB step-less gain adjustment dial. On each side of the dial the V-Mic D3 Pro features a bump guard that helps prevent the dial from being accidentally rotated. The +20dB of gain is added on a linear scale so you can dial in the exact amount of gain you need for the shot.

Internal Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
Inside the V-Mic D3 Pro is a 320mAh Lithium Ion battery. The battery will run the V-Mic D3 Pro for 51 hours in run mode and allow it to be ready in standby mode for 74 hours. As soon as the device the D3 Pro is plugged into turns on, the microphone also switches from standby to run mode. The battery is charged using a USB-C port, making it future proof, and can be fully charged in a little over an 2 hrs.

On-Board Low Cut Filters
The V-Mic D3 Pro features two levels of low cut: 75hz and 150hz. And instead of a switch that is sunken into the frame that’s hard to toggle, the D3 Pro does it all with a single button on top of the unit. With two levels of low cut the V-Mic D3 Pro is ready for even the windiest day.

Rycote Shock Mount
The V-Mic D3 Pro rides on your camera in our custom built Rycote Lyre® shock mount. We partnered with Rycote to design this unique, one of a kind on-camera shock mount. Our design allows you to mount the D3 Pro how ever you want: forward, middle, back. This means you can center it over your camera for perfect balance when using a gimbal. We also made it possible to slide the shoe adapter on it’s own rail system, making it possible to really dial in how you want to mount your microphone. Underneath the hot shoe you will find a 1/4″ 20 female thread mounting point so you can mount it with a friction arm and use the V-Mic D3 Pro as a plant mic.

Filmmaker’s Kit
Our partnership with Rycote also has allowed us to create a Location kit bundle that will allow you to mount the V-Mic D3 Pro professionally to a boom pole. Unlike other brands whose on camera mics can’t really live outside of their own designed shock mount, the V-Mic D3 Pro can fit into most universal shock mounts on the market. The filmmaker’s bundle kit adds a Rycote InVision Mount featuring the Duo-Lyre on a pistol grip, a Deity Wind Jammer, and a D.XLR (phantom power to 3-volts 3.5mm adapter.).


Package Contents:

Standard Set:
1x Vmic D3 Pro Shotgun Microphone
1x Rycote Lyre® Adjustable Shoe Shock Mount
1x Smart 3.5mm TRRS Coiled Cable
1x Deity Foam Windscreen
1x Semi-Rigid Nylon Carrying Pouch

*TRRS to Mini XLR Cable Sold Separate

Location Kit:

1x V-Mic D3 Pro Shotgun Microphone
1x 3.5mm TRRS to TRRS Smart Cable
1x Rycote Lyre® Adjustable Cold Shoe Shock Mount
1x Rycote Duo-Lyre® Pistol Grip Boom Pole Shock Mount
1x Deity Foam Windscreen
1x Semi-Rigid Soft Carrying Pouch
1x D.XLR Phantom Power Adapter
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