50" Collapsible And Portable C-Stand With Grip & Arm Set (Non Adjustable Legs)

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The PIXAPRO 50" Collapsible and Portable Photography C-Stand with Grip & Arm Set (or Century Stand) are widely used by both photographers and movie makers alike due to its robust...
The PIXAPRO 50" Collapsible and Portable Photography C-Stand with Grip & Arm Set (or Century Stand) are widely used by both photographers and movie makers alike due to its robust and sturdy build quality. They are also capable of holding heavy equipment such as large light banks, and strobes with large or heavy modifiers due to the solid stainless-steel metal construction. The very sturdy & strong stand is the perfect tool for any portrait, beauty, product, fashion photographer or videographer, in a studio fixed location who uses large modifiers.

Used For Large Accessories And Artificial Lights
The master photography C-stand (or Century Stand) comes from the early days of motion picture production. The C-stand was widely used to hold up large reflectors to catch and reflect the sunlight to illuminate the set before the introduction of artificial lights later.

Universal 5/8” Spigot And Junior Pin Receiver
It is a sturdy durable light stand to hold any lighting using the traditional universal 5/8” spigot. This is the most popular fixture for lights or flashes which covers the vast majority currently available on the market, with a maximum load capacity of 10kg. The detachable base also includes a 1-1/8” junior-pin receiver, for heavier lights such as Arri lights used in large productions.

Versatile And Multi Optional Positional Arm And Grip Heads
It features a heavy-duty 50” boom arm attached using the 2.5” grip heads, this allows you to position your lighting in angles not available to normal stands. This works great for use as an overhead light, hair light or copy stand. The included grip heads also allow you to use additional modifiers with your stands like flags, diffusers or reflectors.

Detachable Turtle Base And Solid Stainless-Steel Construction
The 9’ 8” universal photography C-stand is perfect for use in the studio with heavier light and modifier combinations, due to the solid stainless-steel construction. The turtle base legs have a large footprint diameter giving you a stable stand for your equipment and maximum stability, with a detachable base to make transporting and storing the stand a little easier thanks to the unique varied leg heights to stack or nest the base, folding them flat.

Storable And Portable Photography C-Stand
The PIXAPRO Heavy Duty Portable C-Stand is entirely made of metal with a stainless chrome finish & can be extended to a full length of 300cm (118”), which can then collapse right down to 145cm minimum height, making it storable and portable, an all-round excellent stand to use for general use.

Sturdy Column With Spring-Loaded Dampening System
PIXAPRO 300cm Portable C-Stand features a thick sturdy central column which has a spring-loaded dampening system which prevents sudden drops to minimise the risk of damaging your equipment or causing injury to yourself.

The PIXAPRO Heavy Duty Portable Photography C-Stand with a boom arm allows you to mount your light stand up to 300cm in height, offering a stable platform to use and move your lighting effortlessly overhead. This makes it an essential piece of kit for the modern studio, great for portrait, beauty, product, fashion photographers or videographers.

  • High maximum load capacity of 10kg
  • Includes 50” Boom arm for when you need to get your lights above your subject
  • Ideal for use with heavy lights with heavy modifiers
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Can be disassembled for easy storage or transportation
  • Foam-grip feet to prevent slippage or damage to your floor


Min. Height 145 cm
Max. Height 300cm
Central Column Length Excluding Legs 126cm
Central Column Diameter 35mm/30mm/25mm
Arm Length 127cm (50 inches)
Arm Diameter 16mm
Stand Material Stainless Steel
Max. Load Capacity Appox. 10kg
Leg Length 94cm / 80cm / 66cm
Leg Diameter 30mm
Attachment (On Stand) 5/8-inch Baby-Pin
Attachment (On Boom) 2x 5/8-inch stud, with 1x 1/4inch thread, 1x 3/8-inch thread
Grip Head Size 2.5"
Net. Weight Approx. 11kg
Box Weight  10kg
Box Specifications  Approximately  Height:  9cm  Width:  25cm  Length:  145cm

Package Contents:
1x PIXAPRO C-Stand Set
2x 2.5" Grip Head
1x 50" Boom Arm

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