TiLTA Dovetails

TiLTA TT-C16 10" Lightweight Dovetail Mounting Plate

TiLTA compatible 10" Standard Lightweight Dovetail Mounting Plate. Model TT-C16. This mounting plate is compatible with the BS-T05 Baseplate.Specifications:• Length:...

TiLTA TT-C06/C07 Professional 19mm Bridge Baseplate

TILTA have designed a baseplate which has an industry standard dovetail mount (ARRI compatible) equipped with a 19mm rod clamp...

TiLTA TT-C07 2060/2575/120ex ARRI Standard Dovetail Mounting Plate

TiLTA 2060/2575/120ex ARRI Standard Dovetail Mounting PlateSpecifications (12''):• Weight : 491g• Length : 12" (300mm)• Width : 4" (96mm)• Height...
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