TiLTA Float Handheld Gimbal Support Counterbalance Steadicam System For DJI RS 2

  • Brand: TiLTA
  • SKU: GSS-T01-V
  • Product code: 533632
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Lightweight & Wearable Vest allows for the Gimbal to be held tight to the bodyThe quick release vest has an effective shock absorbing design. It's lightweight and compact. The ergonomic...

Lightweight & Wearable Vest
allows for the Gimbal to be held tight to the body

The quick release vest has an effective shock absorbing design. It's lightweight and compact. The ergonomic weight distribution design gives the operator steady support. Flexible and easy fitting for all body types.

Optimised arm Carrying Structure and Capacity
Durably built with pliable springs provide the forth axis of stabilization. The user has more control while operating.

Easy high and low angle switch.

NATO rail connection is built onto both top and bottom ends. Compatible will all gimbals and power supply equipment. The retractable post can function as monopod or extension.

Retractable Post

Carbon-fibre made post. Wear proof and lightweight design.

Wireless Control For Precise Operation

Fully authorised DJI internal communication protocol. Precisely control the RS2 with the wireless control receiver module.

Ambidextrous Design, Easily Switch From Left To Right

Quick assembly design. Both the arm and monitor bracket support left and right operations. Compatible with various gimbal brands.

More Protection For Secure Operation

Modular camera and battery can be carried on the back of the vest. Safely operate with the guidance of the safety guiding strap and enhanced anti-collision design.

Easy Balancing + Quick & Precise

Simplified balancing process. Compatible with a wide range of accessories. Adjustable weight depending on the setups. Quick and precise control.

Continuous Power: Four Power Supply Options
Power through external V-mount, gold mount, DJI battery grip, and TB50 batteries. Tidy, cordless build. Compact and portable.

Compact & Portable
Highly portable design for quick assembly and long distance transportation.


Tilta Float System Specs
• Product dimensions: 835x345x210mm
• Product weight: 10kg (Net Weight 7.5kg)
• Materials: Carbon fibre, aluminium, plastic, and nylon fabric

Tilta Float System Support Vest
• Vest Size: 600-1200mm
• Extension: Built-in Tilta standard 15mm quick release baseplate.

Tilta Float System Arm
• Connector post diameter: 12mm
• Maximum payload capacity: 10kg
• Up and down movement range: 800mm (±4300)

Tilta Float System Post
• Material: Carbon fibre and aluminium
• Mount: NATO rail
• Power input/output: 2-pin LEMO
• Length range: 500-1000mm

Tilta Wireless Thumb Controller for RS2
• Cold shoe mount
• 2.4 GHz wireless module
• Remote control range: 50-70m (Dependent on the location, there might be a slight variance.)

Power Supply Solutions
• V-mount battery
• Gold mount battery
• DJI TB50 battery
• RS2 battery grip

Package Contents:

1x Tilta Float System Arm(GSS-T01-ARM)
1x Tilta Float System Post(GSS-T01-PST)
1x Power Supply Base Plate for RS 2(TGA-PBP)With Cable(TCB-DTP-2LE-40)
1x Tilta Float System V Mount Battery Plate(GSS-T01-BPV)
1x 2-Pin Lemo to 2-Pin Lemo Cable(20 cm)(TCB-2LE-2LE-20)
1x Tilta Float System Support Vest(GSS-T01-SV)
1x Wireless Thumb Controller for RS 2(GSS-T01-WTC)
1x Wireless Control Receiver Module for RS 2(TGA-WCR)
1x Tilta Float System Monitor Bracket(GSS-T01-MB)
1x Tilta Float System Carrying Case (GSS-T01-CC)
1x Tiltaing Adjustable Cold Shoe Phone Mounting Bracket – Black(TA-PMB-B)
1x Tool Kit for Tilta Float System(GSS-T01-TK)
1x Tilta Float System Cross NATO Rail Post Mount(GSS-T01-CPM)
1x Tilta Float System Baby Pin Docking Adapter(GSS-T01-PDA)

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