GODOX KNOWLED C10R E27 RGBWW Creative Practical Lighting Bulb

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The GODOX KNOWLED C10R Creative LED Light Bulb is a Cinematic RGBWW E27 perfect for cinematographers, filmmakers and lighting gaffers that require a high CRI light bulb, for setting up...
The GODOX KNOWLED C10R Creative LED Light Bulb is a Cinematic RGBWW E27 perfect for cinematographers, filmmakers and lighting gaffers that require a high CRI light bulb, for setting up practical set lighting that can complement their main lighting set up, to add mood and ambience to their sets. It features an HSI mode, which enables you to adjust the hue and saturation of the light, giving you access to virtually any colour you can think of. It also has a CCT mode, enabling you to adjust the colour temperature of the light anywhere between 2500K and 5800K enabling you to match the light to the colour temperature of your ambient lighting. It also has a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 97+, making the C10R RGBWW LED Light Bulb suitable for broadcast usage. The C10R LED Bulb is a great tool for Cinematographers, independent filmmakers, and photographers to add a little spice to their projects.

Your Practical Little Friend
The C10R Light Bulb LED is perfect for practical set lighting. Its standard E27 Edison screw connection enables it to be easily screwed into virtually any light fixture used to dress your movie set, enabling you to control the mood and atmosphere, making your cinematography a more captivating experience for your audience.

Cinema-Grade Lighting
The KNOWLED C10R RGBWW Creative Bulb has a high CRI rating of 96, and a TLCI rating of 97. This ensures that your colours are reproduced faithfully and accurately, bringing vividness and realism to your movie scenes without any flickering, elevating your work to a whole new level.

Variable Colour Temperatures
The KNOWLED C10R RGBWW Creative Bulb guarantees consistent light output regardless of its temperature or battery level. With its colour temperature ranging between 2000K and 10000K combined with magenta-green adjustment, the bulb seamlessly blends with ambient lighting, enhancing your shots with visual interest.

Flexible Power Options
The C10R has the flexibility to be powered by either AC or DC power sources. As well as being powered by your traditional E27 Edison light sockets in various regions, they can also be powered by external power banks using its USB Type-C interface.

LED Light Bulb With On-Board Controls
The KNOWLED C10R features on-board brightness and colour controls, enabling you to change the hue and the brightness, directly on the bulb itself.

Built-In Light FX
The C10R Light Bulb LED features an array of lighting effects, which enable you to easily replicate several types of lighting scenarios, such as Police car lights, Fire, Candlelight, Lightning, TV sets, Fireworks, plus many more, to help bring your vision to life.

Light App
The KNOWLED C10R features Bluetooth connectivity, enabling it to be controlled wirelessly using the Godox Light App via smartphone or tablet. This will give you the ability to control the brightness, the colour temperature and hue, and lighting effects remotely.

The GODOX KNOWLED C10R RGBWW Creative Bulb Light LED is the perfect lighting solution for filmmakers, cinematographers, lighting gaffers, and theatrical productions that are looking for a light bulb that they can seamlessly integrate into their workflow, for practical set lighting.

  • Full RGBWW Tunable Colour
  • CCT Range between 2,000K to 10,000K
  • CRI 96, TLCI 98
  • Flicker-Free
  • Constant Power-Draw Despite Low-Power high Temperature
  • AC/DC Power Using E27 Socket.
  • Quick Adjustments Through On-Board Controls
  • Godox Light App for full Control: HSI, RGBWW, Gel Colour Picker, 14 Lighting FX


Input Power 12W
DC Input 5V⎓3A
AC Input 100V-120V~50/60Hz 130mA / 200V-240V~50/60Hz 65mA
(100% brightness & 5500K CCT)



Compatible Bulb Holder E27
Colour Temperature Range 2000K-10000K
Brightness Range 0%-100%
Average TLCI ≥97
Average CRI ≥97
Control Method Bluetooth APP control / light body control
Bluetooth Transmission Range Max. 30m
Working Environment Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
Dimensions 73mm x 73mm x 136mm
Net. Weight 236g

Package Contents:
1x C10R RGBWW Bulb
1x USB Type-C Cable
1x Drawstring Pouch
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