iFootage Wild Bull T7 - Carbon Fibre

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Carbon Fibre Wild Bull T7 Tripod from iFootageManufacturing at its bestKnown in the specialist market for its fool proof stability, iFootage Wild Bull T5 and Wild Bull T7 is perfect...
Carbon Fibre Wild Bull T7 Tripod from iFootage

Manufacturing at its best

Known in the specialist market for its fool proof stability, iFootage Wild Bull T5 and Wild Bull T7 is perfect for the busy professional. The superior anodised aluminium (T5) alloy and carbon fiber (T7) construction ensures excellent durability and performance, whilst its sleek design makes it easy to handle and transport

Beautifully versatile

With T5 and T7, rough terrain is no longer a problem. You can now enjoy the best photo shoots in any environment. The patented structure of the connecting joint keeps the tripod still and locked in place in any position. It can be used with both a flat base head and bowl-head base .

Stable connection joint

As the new generation of T series , Wild Bull Tripod T5/T7 has the structure of unique connection join . Large connecting area provides better stability , which rivals big broadcast quality tripod . Moreover , the adjustable damping structure at the bottom prevents getting loose after long time use.

Leading the way in user friendly design

Designed to support a maximum of 40kg respectively, the tripod works with any camera on the market. Fully extended, it reaches a maximum height of 1.50m. The ergonomic design makes it incredibly easy to handle and transport, giving you full control. The T series versatility is shown by the range of models that could fit any situation. T5 and T7 are extremely good for portability,

Quick release

T- series quick release plate design, allows lock and release of the tripod with just one hand. Locking speed is three times faster than traditional lock design. It has a flat bowl edge switch; T5/t7 with 75mm Bowl..

Ideal for outdoor use

One of the key features of this powerful tripod is the mid-level spreader which provides support in narrow spaces or uneven surfaces. If this component is removed, the legs can be adjusted independently which allows you can get as close as possible to the ground or use the tripod on rocky terrain. Shooting in a muddy environment or in shallow water? Simply use an SS screw to secure the feet pads and spikes and you're ready to go! Take your outdoor photography further and use the feet spikes to anchor the tripod directly on ice or slippery surfaces with perfect stability for that amazing shot.

The T-series special feet design has the nails and anti-sliding rubber pad for different terrain use. The new T5 and T7 tripods are more portable while providing a superb stability with the claw-like system.

Multi-angle shooting

Legs can be adjust in the range of 15°-78° Variable adjustment allows interchange between low-angle shooting and high-angle shooting freely.


• Beautifully versatile
• Manufactured from Carbon Fibre
• Supports a maximum of 40kg
• Integrated T-Series quick release
• Ideal for outdoor use
• Adjustable legs for multi-angle shoots


• Weight: 3.5Kg
• Max Height: 1500mm
• Min Height: 200mm
• Load Capacity: 40Kg
• Material: Carbon Fibre
• Bowl Diameter: 75mm

Package Contents:

1x Tripod
1x Bag
1x Ground spreader
1x 755mm bowl
1x Instruction Manual
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