iFootage Shark S1 Camera Slider & E-image GH03F Bundle

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Features:• A great all-rounderThe iFootage Shark slider is strong and lightweight and uses lightweight, high-grade material. The premium grade material used in this excellent slider offers more rigidity compared to...

A great all-rounder
The iFootage Shark slider is strong and lightweight and uses lightweight, high-grade material. The premium grade material used in this excellent slider offers more rigidity compared to other carbon fibre products from the same weight ratio.

iFootage’s use of this exclusive advanced production method and the combination of eight carbon fibre layers greatly enhances the stability of the track, making it less susceptible to track warping due to long-term use.

It also utilises 14 Japanese made high-quality stainless steel bearings, greatly improving the quality of the system composition. Multiple 1/4 and 3/8 connection points increase its versatility - Whether you wish to place a microphone, light or monitor the Shark slider cope perfectly!

Highly versatile
The iFootage Shark slider can be deployed from the storage bag in only a few short moments and could save you precious seconds when needing to film.

High Precision – Attention to Detail
All of the components, whether it is the carbon fiber pipe, the connection points or the carry strap, are measured using precision instruments prior to the finished goods being packaged.

Resistance Pulley
This exclusive resistance pulley design by iFootage, coupled with high-precision, high torque S3M belt, allows Shark Slider to move smoother, providing a more stable platform than the existing sliders available in the market.

It’s weight pulley assembly also features a quick detach weight system, allowing you to make any adjustments quickly. When using a heavier camera rig, simply buy an additional pulley weight to increase the drag.

Extremely Durable
iFootage utilises a twin-tube quick adjustment design, offering a smoother track glide and a more stable platform compared to single track designs. The tracks have a surprisingly high durability, ensuring the Shark slider achieves the quality standards you would expect from iFootage.

Exquisite Workmanship
Using precise CNC cutting technology, the iFootgae Shark slider has a beautiful textured finish whilst the CNC process remains highly accurate reducing its weight by removing excess mass without sacrificing structural integrity.
Foot Supports
The leg supports are not only easily used but also allow the adjustment of shooting angle and height whilst being able to encounter any issues from shooting on uneven surfaces.

The Shark S1 is sold as the bundle version by Proav which means that it has two available operating lengths. 

The shortest configuration is 640mm which can hold 7kg maximum or with the supplied extension poles and pulley belt the Shark S1 can be extended to 1200mm with a maximum load capacity of 5kg.

E-image GH03F Flat Based Tripod Head

As a leading manufacturer of tripods worldwide, the new Genting range of tripod heads from E-Image combine reliability and excellent performance with outstanding value for money.

The GH03F flat based tripod is the ideal partner for camera sliders or photographic tripods. The payload range of up to 4kg make it suitable for most video capable DSLR’s and small camcorders and the variable fluid head provides excellent smoothness through the range of pan and tilt motion. The head is fitted with a counterbalance spring and the integrated level bubble ensures your horizons are even.

The head also features two mounting screw threads, one ¼” and one 3/8”, to attach articulating arms such as the E-Image EI-A02. The sliding quick release plate makes it fast and easy to switch between hand held and tripod mounted.


3.8kg (with resistance pulley)
Carbon fibre, anodized aluminium, SUS304
Tube Diameter:

Max Length:
Effective length:

Max load:
1200mm 5kg / 640mm 7kg

Package Contents:

1 x Shark Slider
1 x E-image GH03F Flat Based Tripod Head
1 x Flywheel
1 x Extension Rails with Belt
1 x Padded Carrying Case
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