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Everything I've seen before is ordinary The ultimate all-around warrior for the big sceneASXMOV multi-axis MOCO orbital robot, Shengxian Film Technology Co., Ltd. is devoted to R&D and production, Precise...

Everything I've seen before is ordinary

The ultimate all-around warrior for the big scene
ASXMOV multi-axis MOCO orbital robot, Shengxian Film Technology Co., Ltd. is devoted to R&D and production, Precise and repeatable automatic camera motion control. Provide dynamic special effects photography solutions for professional filming teams, Character copy, high-speed shooting, combination of virtual and real, mixing at different speeds and other special effects. Asmowei, the ultimate digital camera machine for big scenes.

Precise and more refined

Precise control, perfect presentation from multiple angles
The ASXMOV multi-axis MOCO orbital robot is controlled by a dedicated multi-axis motion control system. It runs precisely according to the predetermined motion trajectory, so as to achieve the perfect matching of cameras, props and actors.

Every second shines

High-speed shooting to capture every moment of change
High-speed and smooth motion up to 6.7 m/s, with the upgraded camera, Solve the confusion of the restricted camera position in the upgraded picture, and realize the shocking high-speed motion picture.

copy, multiply shadows

Repeated shooting, repeated shooting of the same trajectory with zero error
Repeatedly run according to the predetermined motion track, so that the camera can shoot with the same shooting track and speed, To achieve the effect of repeated shooting, further use of video synthesis technology to obtain special effects such as character duplication.

Combination of virtual and real, fantasy is also real

Virtual and real screen rotation scheduling, seamless integration
Through the motion information output of the software and the shooting of the calibration data, the seamless matching of the camera motion of the virtual and real pictures can be realized. When dealing with large scheduling camera motion data, ensure that the virtual and real camera matching is foolproof.

Layered, brilliant

Layered shooting, infinite possibilities for images
The background, characters, animals, etc. are layered to shoot, and finally can be seamlessly composited together, Add post-effects to each layer, and finally achieve visual art that cannot be obtained by ordinary shooting.

Same painting, different speed

Mixed shooting at different speeds, presenting a sense of multi-dimensional space
Using the ASXMOV multi-axis MOCO orbital robot to accurately control the speed of the same trajectory, By layer-by-layer variable-speed shooting, the foreground and background can be mixed at different speeds.

fantasy into reality

3D simulation, unparalleled sci-fi sense
Plan the shooting trajectory in 3D software, It simulates the special lens feeling such as weightlessness in space, and can also take advantage of this advantage to improve the shooting efficiency. Special effects such as dual MOCO interactive projection can be realized.

Let imagination, infinite possibilities

Special track to inspire more brainstorming
Specify several key points on two or more shots on the path or specify the shot path as a common path, Others are different paths, and the final synthesis can achieve special effects where the picture is sometimes complete and then independent of blocks.

Product Specifications:
1. The voltage used: 380V power supply, the total power required by the equipment is 17 kilowatts.
2. The maximum distance from the ground is 3.20 meters, the lowest position is 0.2 meters, the maximum load is 22KG, and the arm length is 1.8 meters (including the straight head).
3. Each track is 1.5 meters long, and the total length of the standard track with 7 sections is 10.5 meters.
4. Each track (1.5 meters long) is about 20KG, the weight of the trolley is about 100KG, and the weight of the robotic arm is about 250KG.
5. Driven by belt and motor, the track width is about 6.8CM.

Control System:

Controlled by a dedicated multi-axis motion control system


Equipment performance:

Track---1.5m in single section, can be erected freely according to site conditions

(The fastest speed is about 3.5m/s, and the buffer distance of more than 1 meter should be added at the starting and stopping points. The high-speed part is 3.5 meters + 1 meter before and after, and the actual running distance is more than 5.5 meters)

Arm---Rotation stroke ------- +/- 160˚ Speed about 240˚/s
Robot Arm---Lifting Stroke ------- +/- 137˚ Speed about 240˚/s
Robot Arm---Swing Arm Travel ------- +/- 150˚ Speed about 300˚/s

Gimbal---pan travel ------- +/- 270° speed about 350˚/
Gimbal---Tilt travel ------- +/- 120˚ / -105˚ Speed about 350˚/s
Gimbal---Rolling stroke ------- +/- 270˚ Speed about 350˚/s

Actual shooting speed:
Vertical: 2m vertical movement takes 1 second
Horizontal: 3.5m horizontal movement takes 1 second (when the mechanical arm and the track move in the same direction, the maximum speed can reach 3.5+1.6 (armspan)*2=6.7m/second)
Arc movement: when the movement radius is 60cm, it takes about 1 second to complete the 180˚ movement
When the movement radius is 40cm, it takes about 0.8 seconds to complete the 180˚ movement
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