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The Rayzr 7 300 Daylight is the brightest fixture of the Rayzr 7 series. With 300 Watt of high powered quality (TLCI up to 98) LED’s in a compact and lightweight...
The Rayzr 7 300 Daylight is the brightest fixture of the Rayzr 7 series. With 300 Watt of high powered quality (TLCI up to 98) LED’s in a compact and lightweight housing with a 7” fresnel, you get a bright and mobile LED fresnel.

Rayzr 7 makes quality LED Fresnel lights accessible to all photographers and filmmakers, from enthusiasts to professionals. Designed and developed in The Netherlands, the Rayzr 7 products are for all day everyday use, maximizing workflow and quality output at very competitive prices. 
The Rayzr 7 series consists of 4 different models, varying in light output and color. All are designed as a true alternative for traditional tungsten lights, outperforming them in brightness and power consumption and equaling them in light quality and control. 
The Rayzr 7 Fresnel series is flicker free up to 15000 fps. 

The RAYZR 7 Fresnel series is at the forefront of color accuracy, producing pure white light with truthful color rendition and an average TLCI of up to 98, which is leading in the industry. 
The RAYZR 7 creates an even and uniform light beam that you can control directly on the fixture regarding the beam angle - from spot to flood continuously with the turn of the focus knob. Shape or soften the light with a variety of accessories like barn doors, soft boxes, snoots and more. As the attachment system is compatible to ARRI you might already own many shaping tools that you can reuse with the RAYZR 7. 

As previous generations of LED Fresnel's were not bright enough, many accessories like soft boxes, filters and others that reduce the brightness were not really an option. The Rayzr 7 is finally a true tungsten replacement also regarding brightness and opens up much more possibilities to shape the light as you need it. The RAYZR 7 packs the brightness of 10" Fresnel into the compact form factor of a 7" Fresnel without any sacrifices. 
All Rayzr 7 fixtures feature integrated DMX module with RJ45 (Ethernet) connectors for remote control using DMX512 protocol. 
With a weight of only 6.4 kg (14.1 lbs.), the Rayzr 7 is much lighter than most other professional Fresnel's. Coupled with its strong and durable housing, the lightweight Rayzr 7 is the ideal solution for on-location shoots. 

Because of its power efficiency, the RAYZR 7 can be powered from batteries without any reduction in brightness. Bulky generators are no more needed, which reduces costs in multiple ways and makes life so much easier. 

Compared to tungsten Fresnel's, the RAYZR 7 achieves the same brightness with less than a third of the power consumption. The reduced electricity usage equates to lower costs and simpler and cheaper installations as the fixtures can be run from a standard power line. 
In comparison to tungsten and HMI lights, LED fixtures have almost zero maintenance costs as you don't need to buy new bulbs. The LED light engine lasts about 200 times longer than tungsten lamps.

  • Daylight 5,600 K
  • LED power 300 W
  • Beam angle 18° - 55°
  • Battery 24 - 36 V DC
  • Advanced Vapor Cooling System
  • 100% brighter than 300B

    • Optical System
    :  Focusable Fresnel
    • Lens Diameter
    :  170 mm / 6.7"
    • Beam Angle
    :  18 - 55 (Half Peak Angle)
    • Weight
    :  6.4 kg (14.1 lbs)
    • Mounting
    :  16 mm / 28 mm Combo Pin Baby
       5/8 inch / Junior 1-1/8 inch Combo Pin
    • Tilt Angle
    :  +/- 90
    • Power Supply Range
    :  180 - 264 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
    • Power Consumption
    :  331 W Nominal, 352 W Maximum
    • Power Connection
    :  Neutrik power CON TRUE1 NAC3MPX
       Plug: Neutrik power CON TRUE1 NAC3FX-W
    • Battery DC Voltage Range
    :  24 - 36 V DC
    • White Light
    :  Daylight 5,600 K
    • Colour Temperature Tolerance
    :  +/- 100 K (nominal)
    • Colour Rendition
    :  TLCI 95 - 98, CRI 94 1
    • Dimming
    :  0 - 100% Continuous
    • Control
    :  RJ - 45 DMX In and Through, On-Board Controller
    • Ambient Temperature Operation
    :  -20 to +45 C (-4 to +113 F)
    • Protection Class
    :  IP 20
    • Certifications
    :  CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH

    Package Contents
    1x Led Fresnel Light
    1x 4-Leaf Barn door
    1x Power Cable
    1x Carrying Bag
    1x User Manual
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