Atomos AtomX SDI Module for Ninja V

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  • Product code: 110330
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AtomX SDIThe AtomX SDI expansion module is designed to turn your Atomos Ninja V into a pro video SDI powerhouse. The module adds the quality and convenience of SDI equipment...

The AtomX SDI expansion module is designed to turn your Atomos Ninja V into a pro video SDI powerhouse. The module adds the quality and convenience of SDI equipment and infrastructure connectivity in addition to its existing HDMI capability. Monitor and record SDI up to 4Kp60, and go into or out of any SDI device including the popular Atomos Shinobi SDI pro monitor and Atomos Shogun Inferno, as well as legacy Atomos SDI products. This provides flexibility for any video or film production to allow all crew including directors, cinematographers, assistants and focus pullers to monitor and replay identical and calibrated content in HDR at the same time.

AtomX Ethernet/NDI
The AtomX Ethernet/NDI module has a wired ethernet (1 GigE) connector that makes it possible to deliver live broadcast-grade video over IP networks. Newtek’s NDI technology harnesses this - allowing for simple installation and control of multi-camera networks, replacing traditional SDI cabling. The AtomX Ethernet/NDI module has NDI input and output with encode, decode, control and sync, allowing Ninja V users to transmit, distribute or receive and monitor NDI from any NDI source. Simply power on the Ninja V with AtomX Ethernet/NDI module installed, plug in your network cable, and your source will be automatically discovered on the NDI network ready for production.

The AtomX Sync module brings professional wireless timecode and sync plus Bluetooth control to Ninja V, perfect for enhancing DSLRs, mirrorless cameras or game recordings. You can sync and/or control literally thousands of Ninja V units equipped with AtomX Sync modules on the same network at ranges of up to 300m. Multi-cam shoots have never been so easy. AtomX modules bring broadcast level standards to any HDMI camera or source, making it easy to integrate large sensor consumer cameras easily into traditional live productions. AtomX Sync has a built-in battery extender that allows for continuous power when swapping batteries, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the Ninja V during a shoot.

Class leading technology partnerships
The beauty of licensing technology from Newtek and Timecode Systems is that all their products are fully compatible with the relevant AtomX modules – so large and small productions currently using NDI’s or Timecode Systems’ class leading products can effortlessly integrate Atomos devices. The simplest application with Newtek is integration with their famous TriCaster products.

For Timecode systems the most basic use case is to sync a mirrorless camera to an appropriately equipped audio device for perfect automated sync sound – a huge benefit for anyone from vloggers through to broadcasters and Hollywood productions.


 Adds Two 12G-SDI Ports to Ninja V
 SDI Ports Are User Configurable
 Supports 4K60p and 2K240p
 Numerous Playback Options, Including HDR
 Provides Power Passthrough



 SDI In/Out: Up to 12Gb/s
 AtomX Port: 32Gb/s
 Design System: Stack & Lock
 Simultaneous In/Out: 2x6G, 2x3G
 In/Outs: HDMI/1GigE
 Ethernet: 1Gb/s
 HDMI 2.0: 4Kp60
 Channels: 6+
 Channels over 10G: 100
 Encode/Decode: NDI HDp60
 Latency: < 30ms
 Range: 300m
 Frequency: 1GHz/Bluetooth
 Sync: Timecode
 Frame Rate: 60p, HD/4K
 Control: Master/slave
 Networked Devices: 1000+
 Continuous Power: 7 mins

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