Aputure LS 600c Pro COB LED Light

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LS 600C PRO Full Color in Full Force FULL COLOR IN FULL FORCE The all-new Light Storm 600c Pro is Aputure’s first-ever RGBWW Bowens Mount LED. Featuring our tried-and-true color...
Full Color in Full Force


The all-new Light Storm 600c Pro is Aputure’s first-ever RGBWW Bowens Mount LED. Featuring our tried-and-true color technology, and familiar Light Storm design, the LS 600c Pro completes the LS 600 series trifecta, finally bringing full color functionality to our modifiable point-source line-up, so you can shape your color to your scene.


As one of the most powerful fixtures in the Aputure lineup, the LS 600c Pro combines all the innovative and groundbreaking features of the Nova and Light Storm series into one. Its 600W output RGBWW full-color light engine is capable of emitting 4,150+ lux at 3 meters with the included Hyper Reflector, and 17,480+ lux at 3 meters with the BM1215 Hyper Reflector (Narrow), positioning the LS 600c Pro as one of the brightest full-color point-source film lights on the market.


Drawing on the same full color technology used in the Nova series, and mixed into a single source using specially designed color-blending optics, the LS 600c Pro can reproduce over 90% of the Rec.2020 Color Space. Unleash its full color capabilities with full RGB tunability, industry standard X,Y (CIE 1931), over 300 gel presets, or advanced HSI with white-point variability.


The LS 600c Pro is equipped with an ultra-wide CCT range from 2,300K to 10,000K and fully tunable green-magenta adjustment, achieving stunning color reproduction. Built on the foundation of our RGBWW color science, the LS 600c Pro has exceptional color accuracy, with high CRI (95+) and TLCI (98+) metrics, as well as top-of-the-line high-fidelity spectral output, with a Tungsten Spectral Similarity Index of 85, and SSI (D56) of 74.


The LS 600c Pro is uniquely positioned as one of the most adaptable fixtures on the market combining the color capability of our Nova fixtures with an even wider arsenal of light shapers, like our Hyper Reflectors, the F10 Fresnel, Light Dome 150, and Lantern 90.


For complete control over its full color LED capabilities, the LS 600c Pro features a revamped user experience, with a vivid, streamlined interface that allows you to confirm your color choices at a glance. Equipped with easy access to different light modes, 10 user-programmable presets, and other advanced features, such as max output & constant output modes, 4 fan modes, 4 dimming curves, and 15 built-in lighting FX, the LS 600c Pro allows professionals to seamlessly navigate through each menu selection to quickly adjust the fixture on demand.


Designed for professional lighting technicians, the LS 600c Pro integrates various professional connectivity options to seamlessly integrate into existing lighting workflows, including Art-net and sACN control via a durable etherCON connector, wireless LumenRadio CRMX, DMX512 5-Pin XLR In and Out, and Sidus Link® app compatibility.


Like all new Aputure and amaran fixtures, the LS 600c Pro features the ability to adjust the PWM dimming frequency by up to +2000Hz, allowing you to tune out flicker and banding in a wider variety of situations and shutter speeds.


With a maximum power draw of 720W, the LS 600c Pro can be operated at half power using standard, high-output (14.4V/15A) Gold or V-Mount batteries, or at full power using high-voltage, high-amperage batteries (26V/18A, and 28.8V/16A). Using those same multi-voltage battery plates, the LS 600c Pro can also charge Gold or V-Mount cinema batteries, like the LS 600d Pro and 600x Pro. Additionally, the unit features a 48V 3-Pin XLR DC input for external power stations and block batteries.


As a professional Light Storm fixture, the LS 600c Pro features a weather-resistant design, including weatherproof head cables and connectors on both the lamp head and control box to withstand inclement weather conditions when shooting on-location.


Sidus Mesh integration allows users to control the LS 600c Pro directly from your smartphone or tablet with the Sidus Link mobile app, without the need for any dongles or accessories. The mesh technology makes each Aputure and amaran fixture a wireless node that enhances and re-transmits the signal for up to 400 meters of range.* With the constant evolution of Sidus Link, the LS 600c Pro supports real-time CCT & color picking, as well as Sidus Pro FX for advanced functionality.
*Range is limited to 80 meters per node in ideal conditions.

The Light Storm 600c Pro is Aputure’sfirst -ever full-color point-source light fixture, complete withBowens Mount Compatibility, custom color-blending optics, intense output, weather resistance, and professional level connectivity.Its immensely powerful RGBWW LED chipset is capable of 600W of total output, positioning the LS 600c Pro as one of the brightest full-color point-source light fixtures on the market and as having the highest wattage RBGWW chipset in any point-source LED for filmmaking. And with its Bowens Mount compatibility, the LS 600c Pro is uniquely positioned as one of the most adaptable fixtures on the market. With the included LS 600 Series Hyper Reflector, the LS 600c Pro can output 4,150+ lux at 3 meters, and as a Bowens Mount fixture, when paired with the BM1215 Hyper Reflector*, it can even output 17,480+ lux at the same distance. Using the same foundational RGBWW technology in other high-end Aputure fixtures, such as the Nova series, the LS 600c Pro can achieve stunning color reproduction with an SSI (D56) of 74 and even an SSI (Tungsten) of 85. It also features a wide CCT range of 2,300K to 10,000K, greenmagenta adjustment, and the ability to reproduce >90% of Colors Within Rec.2020 Color Space. For smooth hands-on control, the LS 600c Pro also features a brand-new UX, including easy access to different light modes, 10 user-programmable presets, and other advanced features, such as Max & Constant Output Modes, Frequency Selection, 4 Fan Modes, 4 Dimming Curves, and 15 Lighting FX. And like the Nova series, the LS 600 Pro features critical professional color controls (including XY, RGB, Source & Gel Presets, as well as advanced HSI with white-point adjustability), and the professional connectivity options (including LumenRadio CRMX, 16-bit DMX512, and Artnet & sACN via etherCON). Lastly, matching the rest of the LS 600 Pro series fixtures, the 600c Pro utilizes unique V-Mount battery plates that feature both multi-voltage compatibility and active battery-charging functionality, so users can always be ready in fast-paced shooting environments. The control box can also accept 48V/15A DC power via 3-pin XLR, allowing it to be powered via external battery power stations or block batteries.
*LS 1200 Series Hyper Reflectors Not Included


  • 4,150+ lux @ 3m with LS 600 Series Hyper Reflector
  • 17,480+ lux @ 3m with BM1215 Hyper Reflector (Narrow)*
  • 5,300+ lux @ 3m with BM 1230 Hyper Reflector (Medium)*
  • 2,694+ lux @ 3m with BM1245 Hyper Reflector (Wide)*
  • 600W Output Full Color Bowens Mount RGBWW Point Source LED
  • 720W Maximum Power Draw
  • CRI: 95, TLCI: 98, SSI (D56): 74, SSI (Tungsten): 85
  • >90% of Colors Within Rec.2020 Color Space
  • Fully Tunable CCT from 2,300K to 10,000K
  • Fully-Tunable Green-Magenta Adjustment
  • 0.1-100% Stepless Brightness Control
  • Hue, Saturation & Intensity with CCT Control
  • Industry-standard X,Y (CIE 1931), RGB, Light Source Presets, 300+ Gel Presets
  • Multiple Control Methods: Sidus Link Bluetooth App Control, LumenRadio CRMX, Art-net& sACN via etherCON, 16-bit 5-Pin DMX512 In & Out
  • 10 User-Programmable Presets
  • 15 Built-in Lighting FX
  • Weather-Resistant: Dust & Water Resistant
  • 2 Output Modes: Max & Constant
  • Frequency Selection to Reduce Flicker
  • Multi-Voltage Battery Plates (V-Mount): Half Power (14.4V/15A, 26V/8.5A, 28.8V/7.5A)
  • V-Mount Battery Charging
  • Supports 48V/15A DC Input (3-pin XLR): Battery Power Stations & Block Batteries
  • 360° Rotation, Curved Dual Disk-brake Yoke
  • Utilizes Universal Bowens Mount Standard
  • Dual Junior / BabyPin (16mm/28mm)
  • Curved, Disk-Brake Yoke with 360° Rotation
  • Lightning Clamp Quick Release Plate
  • 7.5m Weatherproof Head Cable
  • 6m Locking Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP AC Power Cord
  • 4 Dimming Curves: Linear, Exponential, Log, S-Curve
  • 4-Fan Modes: Smart/Medium/High/Silent
  • Included Rolling Case

*LS 1200 Series Hyper Reflectors Not Included


CCT 2,300K – 10,000K
CRI 95
CQS 96
SSI (D56) 74
SSI (Tungsten) 85
TM-30 RF (Average) 93
TM-30 RG (Average) 100
Beam Angle (No Accessories) 93°
LS 600 Series Hyper Reflector 62°
BM1215 Bowens Mount Hyper Reflector (Narrow) 23°
BM1230 Bowens Mount Hyper Reflector (Medium) 53°
BM1245 Bowens Mount Hyper Reflector (Wide) 69°
F10 Fresnel 25-70°
Lumens 35,686lm
Max Power Output 600W
Max Power Consumption 720W
Max Operating Current 8A
Operating Voltage (Power Supply) 100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Voltage (Battery) - V-Mount / Gold Mount (Two Batteries) - Half Output 12.5V-16.8V (14.4V/15A) 22V-33.6V (26V/8.5A, 28.8V/7.5A)
Operating Voltage (Battery) - V-Mount / Gold Mount (Two Batteries) - Full Output 22V-33.6V (26V/18A, 28.8V/16A)
3-Pin XLR (48V DC) 48V/15A
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 45°C / -4°F ~ 113°F
Dimming 0-100%; Linear, Exponential, Logarithmic, S- Curve
Control Methods On-board, Sidus Link App, 16-bit DMX512, Art- net & sACN via etherCON, LumenRadio CRMX
Wireless Operating Range (Bluetooth) ≤80m
Wireless Operating Range (LumenRadio) ≤100m
Screen Type LCD
Firmware Upgradeable USB (FAT16/FAT32), Sidus Link
Cooling Method Active Cooling
Head Cable 7-Pin Weatherproof Head Cable (7.5m)
Max Head Cable Length 7.5m
Power Cable Neutrik® powerCON TRUE1 TOP AC Cable (6m)
Construction Material Magnesium Alloy
Weather Resistance Dust & Water Resistant
Accessory Mount Bowens Mount
Tilt Angle 360°
Mounting 16mm / 28mm | 0.625in / 1.125in (Dual Junior/Baby Pin)
Carrying Case Telescoping Handle, Wheels
Estimated LED Lifetime (L70) 50,000H
Est. Max Flicker-Free FPS 2,000 FPS
Certifications CE, FCC, ROHS, KC, NCC, PSE, BIS


Lamp Head w/ Yoke 5.86 kg / 12.92lbs
Control Box 5.21 kg / 11.48lbs
Lightning Clamp 670g / 1.48lbs
Rolling Case (Filled) 14.36 kg / 31.66 kg


Lamp Head w/o Yoke 30.2x22.2x15cm/11.9x8.74x5.9in
Lamp Head w/ Yoke 45.3x26.7x15cm/17.8x10.5x5.9in
Control Box 36.6 x 19.7 x 15.6cm / 14.4 x 7.7 x 6.1in
Lightning Clamp 10.35 x 8.74 x 12.5cm / 4.07 x 3.44 x 4.92in
Rolling Case 59x40x35.5cm/23.2x15.7x14in


CCT Distance No Accessories LS 600 Series Hyper Reflector BM1215 Hyper Reflector BM1230 Hyper Reflector BM1245 Hyper Reflector F10 Fresnel (Flood) F10 Fresnel (Spot)
1M 11,340 lux / 1,054 fc 33,000 lux / 3,066 fc 143,800 lux / 13,359 fc 46,100 lux / 4,283 fc 20,200 lux / 1,877 fc 17,160 lux / 1,594 fc 35,700 lux / 3,317 fc
2300K 3M 1,370 lux / 127 fc 3,160 lux / 294 fc 13,320 lux / 1,237 fc 4,050 lux / 376 fc 2,051 lux / 191 fc 2,150 lux / 200 fc 4,930 lux / 458 fc
5M 565lux/52fc 1,250 lux / 116 fc 4,710 lux/ 438 fc 1,536 lux / 143 fc 806lux/75fc 844lux/78fc 1,875 lux / 174 fc
1M 12,300 lux / 1,143 fc 35,900 lux / 3,335 fc 156,000 lux / 14,493 fc 50,200 lux / 4,664 fc 21,910 lux / 2,036 fc 18,660 lux / 1,734 fc 38,800 lux / 3,605 fc
3200K 3M 1,489 lux / 138 fc 3,450 lux / 321 fc 14,480 lux / 1,345 fc 4,390 lux / 408 fc 2,234 lux / 208 fc 2,335 lux / 217 fc 5,360 lux / 498 fc
5M 615lux/57fc 1,356 lux / 126 fc 5,150 lux / 478 fc 1,671 lux / 155 fc 863lux/80fc 920lux/85fc 2,042 lux / 190 fc
1M 13,250 lux / 1,231 fc 38,600 lux / 3,586 fc 167,600 lux / 15,571 fc 53,900 lux / 5,007 fc 23,530 lux / 2,186 fc 21,100 lux / 1,960 fc 41,800 lux / 3,883 fc
4300K 3M 1,605 lux / 149 fc 3,730 lux / 347 fc 15,640 lux / 1,453 fc 4,730 lux / 439 fc 2,413 lux / 224 fc 2,513 lux / 233 fc 5,780 lux / 537 fc
5M 662lux/62fc 1,460 lux / 136 fc 5,530 lux / 514 fc 1,804 lux / 168 fc 922lux/86fc 990lux/92fc 2,195 lux / 204 fc
1M 14,890 lux / 1,383 fc 43,400 lux / 4,032 fc 188,900 lux / 17,549 fc 60,700 lux / 5,639 fc 26,470 lux / 2,459 fc 22,510 lux / 2,091 fc 46,900 lux / 4,357 fc
5600K 3M 1,800 lux / 167 fc 4,150 lux / 386 fc 17,480 lux / 1,624 fc 5,300 lux / 492 fc 2,694 lux / 250 fc 2,810 lux / 261 fc 6,450 lux / 599 fc
5M 743lux/69fc 1,640 lux / 152 fc 6,220 lux / 578 fc 2,028 lux / 188 fc 1,042 lux / 97 fc 1,110 lux / 103 fc 2,464 lux / 229 fc

Package Contents:
Basic Kit (534992)
1x Aputure LS 600c Pro (V-Mount)
1x Lamp Head
1x Control box
1x Hyper Reflector
1x Weatherproof Head Cable
1x powerCON TRUE1 TOP AC Power Cable (18')
1x Clamp
1x Rolling Case

Basic Kit + LANTERN 90(PK2057)
1x Basic Kit (534992)
1x Aputure LANTERN 90 (533688)

Basic Kit + Light Dome 150(PK2058)
1x Basic Kit (534992)
1x Aputure Light Dome 150 Softbox Bowens Mount(534244)

Basic Kit + Light OctaDome 120(PK2059)
1x Basic Kit (534992)
Aputure Light OctaDome 120(534846)

Basic Kit + DELTA Pro (PK2136):
1x Basic Kit (534992)
1x EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3600Wh Portable Power Station (535376)

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