Amaran P60x 60W Bi-Colour LED Soft Light Panel

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The Amaran P60X is an expanded bi-colour LED panel designed for content creators, videographers, and indie filmmakers. Its optical design (45°) allows the P60x to use its 60W bi-colour LED...

The Amaran P60X is an expanded bi-colour LED panel designed for content creators, videographers, and indie filmmakers. Its optical design (45°) allows the P60x to use its 60W bi-colour LED chipset to produce high-intensity light output, measuring a staggering 5,070+ lux at 1 meter (5600K). In addition, using the control knobs or the built-in Sidus Link App integration, users can adjust the colour temperature of the P60x between 3200K-6500K. Using the Sidus Link app, users can also take advantage of specialized tools such as Source Match and Custom FX.

The Amaran P60x also accomplishes these feats while maintaining excellent colour rendering scores of CRI ≥95 and TLCI ≥97.

The P60x can be operated using the included AC Power Supply or two Sony NP-F Style batteries for over an hour. When connected to AC Power, the P60x can also charge NP-F Style batteries, making it the perfect multi-tool for content creators.
With the unique design of the P60x, users can attach the included collapsible soft box to the four corners of the panel without any tools or screws. The P60x also includes a 45° light control grid for the soft box, limiting spill light and easily attaching using hook-and loop fabric.

The Amaran P60 series is compact, lightweight, and portable,making it a flexible tool for any video.


The amaran P60x is an RGBWW Lensed LED Panel with 60W of intense output and is part of the newest generation of amaran LED panels. The P60x builds upon many of the existing features of previous amaran panels, including battery power & charging and compact form factor, then upgrades them with an expanded bi-colour CCT range, increased durability, and Sidus Link App control. The P60x and P60c usher in a new generation of lighting for creators of all types by combining features to make them the best LED panels in their class.


Utilizing its 60W LED Output, with 78W max power draw, the amaran P60x is capable of outputting 5,070 lux at 1 meter (5600K) due to its optical design, which gives it a 45° beam angle. Inside its compact form factor lies the ability to compete with difficult lighting conditions to make your subject shine. The amaran P60x uses a unique led configuration that creates more organic shadows and minimizes the obvious multi-shadow effects from LEDs arranged in a strict grid pattern.


The bi-colour LED chipset of the amaran P60x gives it the ability to natively adjust its colour temperature between 3200K to 6500K, resulting in an expanded bi-colour range that will match the colour temperature of nearly an environment you encounter.


  Built with the best-in-class LED technology, and precision-designed optics to achieve even colour blending and more organic shadow production, the amaran P60x is able to boast impeccable colour quality and skin tone reproduction. Its bi-colour LED chipset is able to reach scores of CRI 95+, TLCI 97+, SSI (Tungsten) 84, and SSI (D56) 72, producing colours on par with some of the best lights in the film industry.


With its 78W max power draw, in addition to traditional AC power, the amaran P60x can be powered using two Sony NP-F style batteries. Two NP-F970 batteries are capable of powering the P60x for over an hour. Building on features from the previous generation of amaran products, the P60x also includes an integrated charging circuit that allows it to charge Sony NP-F batteries when the fixture is connected to AC power. Using the D-Tap Power Cable (2-Pin)*, users can also operate the amaran P60x using D-Tap V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries. *Sold Separately


The amaran P60x is capable us accessing a variety of lighting FX that fully utilize its bi-colour LED chipset, including: Paparazzi, Strobe. Fireworks, & Pulse.


Lighting should be fun and easy. With the integration of Sidus Mesh, the amaran P60x gives you professional lighting control with a single app, so you can adjust your light without ever having to leave your camera. Mesh technology means that every light in the Aputure and amaran product lines will automatically connect to each other and expand the range of your network. With the Sidus Link App, you can control up to 100 lights from your smartphone or tablet. Adjust each light to perfection by adjusting aspects like brightness, colour temperature, built-in effects, and even programming effects between multiple fixtures.



  • 60W Bi-Colour LED Soft Light Panel
  • 5,070+ lux @ 1 meter (5600K)
  • CCT: 3,200K to 6,500K Expanded Bi-Colour
  • Super Accurate Colour Rendition, CRI: ≥95, TLCI: ≥97, SSI(Tungsten):≥84, SSI (D56): ≥72
  • Stepless Dimming from 0 to 100%
  • Sidus Link App Compatible
  • Unique LED Configuration Creates More Organic Shadows
  • Ultra-quiet Active Cooling System
  • Click Control Knobs to Cycle CCT & Brightness Presets
  • 4 Built-in Lighting FX: Paparazzi, Strobe. Fireworks, & Pulse
  • Integrated Sony NP-F Battery Plates
  • Charges Sony NP-F Style Batteries
  • Locking DC Input
  • D-Tap Battery Operable using “D-Tap Power Cable (2-Pin)”(Sold Separately)
  • OLED display
  • Tool-less Soft Box with Light Control Grid (45°)
  • Soft Box Collapses Down to 20cm (7.87in)
  • Three 1/4-20” Mounting Points
  • Tilting Mounting Support with Umbrella Holder
  • Soft Carrying Case Included
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C~45°C


CCT 3200K~6500K
CRI ≥95
TLCI ≥97
CQS ≥95
TM-30 RF (Average) 93
TM-30 RG (Average) 104
SSI (Tungsten) ≥84
SSI (D56) ≥72
Beam Angle (Half-Peak Angle) 45°
Max Power Output ≤60W
Max Power Consumption ≤78W
Operating Current 4.5A
Voltage (AC Power Supply) 15V DC
Voltage (D-Tap Battery) 12-16.8V DC
Voltage (NP-F Battery) 6.5V-8.4V DC
Battery Charging (Type) Sony NP-F Style
DC Input 2-Pin DC Self-locking Waterproof
AC Power Cable Self-locking IEC C13 AC Power Cable (1.5m)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 45°C / -4°F ~ 113°F
Control Methods On-board, Sidus Link App
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 (Sidus Mesh)
Bluetooth Operating Range ≥80m / 262.5ft
Firmware Upgradeable Sidus Link OTA
Display Type OLED
Cooling Method Active Cooling
Mounting 1/4-20in * 3, Tilting Support Column
Estimated LED Lifetime (L70) 50,000 Hours
Estimated Colour Shift Over Lifetime (CCT) 2% over 6,000 Hours
Certifications CE, FCC, cTUVus, KC, NCC, ROHS


Fixture 25.1*17.5*3.95cm / 9.8*6.8*1.5in
Aperture 25.07*17.37cm / 9.87*6.84in
Soft Box (Collapsed) 20*20*2.5cm / 7.87*7.87*9.84in
Soft Box (Built) 39.5*28.5*10cm / 15.55*11.22*3.94in
Carrying Case 25.7*18*9.5cm / 10.12*7.09*3.74in


Fixture 0.979kg / 2.15lbs
Soft Box 0.17kg / .37lbs
Power Supply 0.50kg / 1.1lbs
Mounting Bracket 0.24kg / .52lbs


CCT Distance No Softbox With Softbox
.5M 17,570 lux / 1,632 fc 3,480 lux / 323 fc
3200K 1M 4,860 lux / 452 fc 971 lux / 90 fc
2M 1,280 lux / 119 fc 254 lux / 24 fc
3M 539 lux / 50 fc 116 lux / 11 fc
.5M 17,670 lux / 1,642 fc 3,560 lux / 331 fc
4300K 1M 4,940 lux / 459 fc 991 lux / 92 fc
2M 1,283 lux / 119 fc 261 lux / 24 fc
3M 550 lux / 51 fc 119 lux / 11 fc
.5M 18,120 lux / 1,683 fc 3,660 lux / 340 fc
5600K 1M 5,070 lux / 471 fc 1,023 lux / 95 fc
2M 1,328 lux / 123 fc 268 lux / 25 fc
3M 572 lux / 53 fc 123 lux / 11 fc
.5M 18,410 lux / 1,710 fc 3,730 lux / 347 fc
6500K 1M 5,180 lux / 481 fc 1,041 lux / 97 fc
2M 1,354 lux / 126 fc 273 lux / 25 fc
3M 585 lux / 54 fc 126 lux / 12 fc

Package Contents:

Basic Kit (534488):
1x Amaran P60x
1x Amaran P60x Soft Box
1x Amaran P60x Soft Box Light Control Grid
1x AC Power Supply
1x AC Power Cable
1x Tilting Mounting Support with ¼-20in & 3/8-16in Spigot
1x Amaran P60x Carrying Case

Basic Kit + 4x NP-F970 Kit (PK1603):
1x Amaran P60x Basic Kit (534488)
1x LCD Dual Channel Battery Charger (PK0559)
4x NP-F970 Batteries (530903)


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