Accsoon CineEye 1080P 5G WiFi HDMI Wireless Transmitter Support 4 Devices 3D LUT Loading (100m)

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The Accsoon CineEye Wifi HDMI Transmitter is designed to utilise your smartphone and tablet as a portable wireless monitor for your camera. Connect to 4 devices simultaneously. Up to 4...

The Accsoon CineEye Wifi HDMI Transmitter is designed to utilise your smartphone and tablet as a portable wireless monitor for your camera. Connect to 4 devices simultaneously. Up to 4 hours on a single charge. Mobile monitoring is more convenient than ever before.

5G Wireless Video Transmitter

The CineEye module connects to your camera via a full-size HDMI port. It accepts 1080p/720p/480p at 60/30/24 fps video input, and then sneds out a Full HD 1080p 30fps livestream signal.

Professional Monitor Features

As as transmision solution targeted for mobile devices, CineEye supports both Android & IOS platforms with state-of-the-art monitoring app that can turn your mobile phones and ipads into professional monitors.

Very Low Latency, Real-Time Monitoring

iOS-140ms delay / Android-200ms delay, camera screen-100ms delay, monitor connected to camera by HDMI cable-80ms delay. CineEye can automatically find a clean channel and can cope with it in a complex signal environment. 

Reliable Transmission Distance

Thanks to the excellent encoding and wireless transmission technology designed by Accsoon's in-house engineers, even with its Ultra-low power consumption, CineEye system can still transmit up to no less than 100 meters in open areas.

Highly Resistant Against Interference

CineEye transmission system is highly resistant against interference and it can handle even the toughest environments with ease. It will automatically find a clean channel before the transmission starts, and as the distance increases it will automatically lower the streaming bitrate to maintain real-time monitoring

Pocket-Sized Video Transmitter

The CineEye module features aluminium housing and a unique design that better fits the modern simplistic style. It also integrates foldable antennas. Once folded, it's only the size of credit cards, making it truly a pocket-sized video transmitter.

Long Battery Life

The CineEye transmission module integrates a ligh-quality and high-capacity 3500MAH battery. With its incredible low power consumption, the built-in battery alone can last 4 hours. Whats even cooler is that the module charges through a USB Type-C port, and it also works when it's being charged. The module can keep working forever 5V 1A power input.

Professional APP

Professional  monitor features: Grayscale/ Monochrome/ False Colour/ Focus Peaking/ Zebras/ Safe Mark/ Center Mark/ etc.

LUT Loading

Support custom 3D Lut (.cube format) loading, quickly render video on the mobile device until the desired toning and colouring effects are achieved, you can realise your own ideas anytime, anywhere. Variety of styles. 


• APP support for both Android & iOS platforms( APP: iOS 8.0 or above/Android 6.0 or above )
• 100m 1080p video transmission
Incredibly low latency for real-time monitoring
Professional monitor features:
Grayscale, RGB, monochrome, false color, focus peaking, zebras, safe mark, center mark etc.
Options for video range and full range
• 3D LUT loading
• Useless 3D LUT delete on iOS
• 3500mah built-in battery
Battery run-time up to 4 hours
Aluminum pocket size housing
• 9 Selectable 5G Channels(Channel is automatically prompted to change when the signal is weak)
• Internal recording function(Turned the mobile phone into a wireless recorder, for FHD 1920*1080 resolution video)



• HDMI Input
: 1080p/720p/576p/480p
• Frequency
: 5180~5240MHz, 5745~5825MHz
• Transmitter power
: 17dBm
• Range
: 100m(no obstruction,no interference)
: iOS8.0 or above/Android 6.0 or above
• Operating Temperature
: -10°C - 40°C
• Battery
: 3.6V 3500mAh
• Battery Work Time
: 4h(Connected to one mobile device)
• Dimensions
: 90×63×21mm
• G.W.
: 175g

Package contents:

Transmitter Only:

1x CineEye 1080p WiFi HDMI Transmitter
1x Charge Cable


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