Saramonic specialise in innovative and high-quality audio gear, offering great prices without compromising on professional quality.

Here you'll find dedicated microphones and audio interfaces for all types of shooting from DSLRs to GoPros, tablets and smartphones.

Saramonic SR-M3 Mini Directional Condenser Microphone

Features:• Compact & Lightweight Directional Condenser Microphone• +10dB Audio Gain Switch & 200 Hz Low-Cut Filter Switch• Headphone Input Jack; 3.5mm TRS Output...

Saramonic SR-PMIC2 Mini Stereo Condenser Microphone

The Saramonic SR-PMIC2 is a small stereo microphone built for use with DSLR cameras. Thanks to its cardioid pickup pattern...

Saramonic SmartRig+ 2-Ch XLR/3.5mm Microphone Audio Mixer (Phantom Power Preamp, Guitar Interface)

The Saramonic SmartRig+ is a portable microphone/guitar interface for recording professional quality audio.The SmartRig+ makes your recording work easier by...

Saramonic SR-AX107 Two-Ch XLR Audio Adapter (Isolation Transformer, Preamplifiers, Phantom Power)

The SARAMONIC SR-AX107 is a 2-channel XLR audio adapter featuring preamplifiers and phantom power. This audio adapter is ideal for any...

Saramonic SR-PAX2 - Universal Audio Adapter for DSLR Cameras

The SARAMONIC SR-PAX2 is a two-channel active audio mixer with preamplifier and phantom power, especially designed for mirrorless digital cameras,...

Saramonic SR-PAX1 Two-Ch Audio Mixer / Preamp / Microphone Adapter

The Saramonic SR-PAX1 is a two-channel active audio mixer with pre-amplifier and phantom power, especially designed for DSLR Cameras, Mirrorless...

Saramonic SR-AX101 - Universal Audio Adapter with Dual XLR Inputs for DSLR Cameras & Camcorders

The SARAMONIC SR-AX101 is a 2-channel XLR audio adapter ideal for any DSLR camera or compact camcorder with a built-in...

Saramonic SR-AX100 Universal Audio Adapter (Stereo, Dual Mono 3.5mm Inputs)

The Saramonic SR-AX100 is a 2-channel audio adapter ideal for recording professional audio on any DSLR or camcorder that has a...

Saramonic SR-GMX1 USB Lavalier Microphone for GoPro

The USB Lavalier Microphone for GoPro from Saramonic is an omnidirectional microphone with a clip that plugs directly into the...

Saramonic SR-VRM1 - Digital Plug-on Linear PCM Recorder for XLR Microphones

This is the Saramonic Compact Linear PCM Recorder with XLR Connector [SRVRM1]. The Saramonic Compact Linear PCM Recorder (SRVRM1) can...

Saramonic CaMixer Microphone Kit (Dual Stereo Condenser Mics, Digital Mixer, XLR/Mini-XLR Input)

The Saramonic CaMixer is a two channel, professional audio mixer designed to work with DSLR cameras and video cameras.Ultimate FlexibilityThe...

Saramonic SmartMic Condenser Microphone for iOS and Mac (3.5mm Connector)

The Saramonic SmartMic is a lightweight miniature electret condenser microphone designed to provide wide-range frequency reproduction and a simple setup with mobile...

Saramonic SR-HM7 Professional Cardioid Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone Vocal Handheld MIC

Saramonic SR-HM7 is a unidirectional dynamic microphone with cardioid pick-up pattern ,specifically designed for interview and presentation used, the easy-to-handle...

Saramonic SR-PMIC3 Surround Recording Microphone with Integrated Shockmount, Low-Cut Filter & Battery-Free Operation for DSLR Cameras & Camcorders

The Saramonic SR-PMIC3 Surround Microphone is a lightweight condenser microphone for your DSLR camera or camcorder. You can adjust the...

Saramonic SR-LMX1+ Lavalier Smartphone Microphone (Lapel Clip, Foam, Furry Windscreens)

The Best Lavalier Mic for your Mobile Device The Saramonic SR-LMX1+ represents the pinnacle of our smartphone lavalier recording line....

Saramonic LavMicro - Broadcast-Quality Lavalier Omnidirectional Microphone

The LavMicro Broadcast Quality Lavalier Omnidirectional Microphone from Saramonic is a lightweight mic for capturing audio to a smartphone, video camera, or other portable...
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