*Aputure LS 1s Light Storm LED Lighting Kit (RENTAL)

The Aputure Lightstorm LEDs are renowned for their high quality, output and accuracy. The LS-1s size is a daylight balanced...

*Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2w Lighting Kit (RENTAL)

The Aputure Lightstorm LEDs are renowned for their high quality, output and accuracy. The 1/2 size is a portable daylight...

*Aputure HR-672S Amaran CRI 95+ LED Panel Lighting (RENTAL)

The AMARAN 672 S is the spotlight version with high brightness in a 25degree field of view. Can be battery...


Bypass your cameras internal compressed codec and record in high bitrate Prores in 4k up to 30fps!Also suitable for recoding...

*Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 Gimbal (RENTAL)

An ultra portable 3 axis gimbal for cameras that weigh up to 1.8kg. Available now for Rental!  It's ridiculously easy...

*PDMOVIE PD3-P2 Remote Air Pro iOS Wireless FIZ Lens Control System Dual Channel (RENTAL)

Perfect Dual channel kit for Wireless Follow Focus. 100m range with pre-programmable lens data.  Suitable for stills and cine lenses....

*PDMOVIE A3-DC REMOTE AIR 3 Wireless Follow Focus Kit Dual Channel (RENTAL)

The Remote Air 3 has arrived. The smallest, slimmest design and the most advanced and powerful Wireless Controller to date....

*Reflector Discs 110cm (5in1) (RENTAL)

Blazzeo 5-in-1 Reflector contains 5 common photography reflectors including gold, silver, black, white, and soft layer, which are made of...

*Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q Smartphone Gimbal (RENTAL)

Rent the extremely popular SmoothQ 3-axis gimbal. Perfect for Smart phones up to 6inches.  If you need high quality stabilised...

*TiLTA MB-T12 Matte Box (RENTAL)

£25.00 £539.00
This Mattebox is a solid favourite, Extremely lightweight, and includes interchangeable mattes. It clamps directly onto the lens or 15mm...
*TiLTA MB-T12 Matte Box (RENTAL) Sale

*Motion9 43inch Slider (RENTAL)

A super portable travel slider for rental. 43inches long, and extended travel using a tripod. The payload it carries is...

*G.L OPTICS 50-100mm T2 Super Speed PL Mount Zoom Lens (RENTAL)

This ultra fast zoom lens is based on the Sigma 50-100 and excels in performance and image quality.It makes an...


The Atomos Shogun Inferno is a 7", 1920 x 1200 on-camera recording monitor that combines 4K recording with a 10-bit FRC...

*SmallHD 501 HDMI Monitor (RENTAL)

Advanced 5 inch HDMI monitor, packed with features including built-in LUT support. Can be used for handheld using the Sidefinder...

*V-lock Dual Battery Kit (RENTAL)

Double v-lock rental package. High capacity LanParte 150W v-lock batteries and a fast charging dual charger. For use with LEDs,...

*ASXMOV Muilt-function car mount (RENTAL)

If you need to mount your camera on a moving vehicle for some cool high speed shots then this car...
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