Grips Rental

*ASXMOV Muilt-function car mount (RENTAL)

If you need to mount your camera on a moving vehicle for some cool high speed shots then this car...

*CGPro Prime 3 Tripod (RENTAL)

A fantastic tripod, very portable and lightweight, the head holds a payload of up to 6kg, so ideal for smaller...

*Motion9 43inch Slider (RENTAL)

A super portable travel slider for rental. 43inches long, and extended travel using a tripod. The payload it carries is...

*Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q Smartphone Gimbal (RENTAL)

Rent the extremely popular SmoothQ 3-axis gimbal. Perfect for Smart phones up to 6inches.  If you need high quality stabilised...

*Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 Gimbal (RENTAL)

An ultra portable 3 axis gimbal for cameras that weigh up to 1.8kg. Available now for Rental!  It's ridiculously easy...


TiLTA GR-T02 G1 Gravity 3 Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal System for Compact System Cameras. Designed for single operation, the new...
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