Amaran SM5c RGB LED Light Strip 16.4ft/5m

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PERSONALIZE YOUR SPACE The amaran SM5c is amaran’s first-ever Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled smart LED strip light. Designed for content creators, the amaran SM5c combines voice-controlled capabilities, a long 5-meter...
The amaran SM5c is amaran’s first-ever Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled smart LED strip light. Designed for content creators, the amaran SM5c combines voice-controlled capabilities, a long 5-meter length, 300 RGB smart pixel LEDs, and 100 lighting zones to create smooth, continuous effects over the strip light.


The SM5c is designed for lighting enthusiasts, livestreamers, musicians, video podcasters, lifestyle content creators, and any creatives looking to take their set up to the next level. Whether you want RGB accent lighting along your desk, ambient lighting for your room, or are just looking to create an aesthetic background, you can embrace your creativity with the SM5c.


As Aputure’s first Wi-Fi enabled light, the amaran SM5c easily pairs with smart home speakers via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With simple voice commands, you can effortlessly customize your light with different colors to fit any environment.


The SM5c’s RGB LEDs are perfect for creating saturated colors and pixelated lighting effects. With an advanced circuitry built into the LED strip, the SM5c’s 100 lighting zones can be independently controlled in 5 or 25 different groups, or be utilized across 21 pre-programmed Pixel Effects for producing smooth pixel chases and the ideal creative environment.


The SM5c includes a built-in microphone in its external controller to take your music to the next level. With Music Sync, the LED strip light’s 100 lighting zones will sync with and react to any live audio in real-time, for seamless, aesthetic, and smooth audio visualization at the press of a button.


As the only Sidus Link-enabled LED strip light on the market, the SM5c can be controlled wirelessly via the Sidus Link mobile app and seamlessly integrate into your existing lighting workflow. Adjust the LED strip light in the same scene as your keylight, like the amaran 100x or amaran P60c, or accent light, such as your Accent B7c or MC. And with SidusPro® FX, you can unlock enhanced lighting features for endless possibilities.


With 300 smart-pixel RGB LEDs across the 5-meter-long strip, the SM5c is among the highest density LED strip lights on the market. Instantly transform your home or video setup by tuning the LED strip lights to create a warmer atmosphere, a cooler effect, or set the strip light to any color of the rainbow.


If you need to light larger spaces, you can extend the amaran SM5c by an additional 5 meters (16.4 feet) with the amaran SM5c Extension*, bringing it to a total length of 10 meters (32.8 feet). With a simple plug-and-play setup, you can instantly produce smooth pixel chases and continuous lighting effects along the entire 10-meter-long strip light to expand your imagination.
*amaran SM5c Extension sold separately.

Set the ideal lighting ambiance in your space with the 16.4' multicolor SM5c LED Light Strip from amaran. Thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, a hub is not required to operate this strip. Simply download the Sidus Link app for iOS and Android to control the strip, customize lighting, design lighting effects, and integrate/sync the strip to your existing amaran and Aputure lighting from your mobile device.

Delivering a total of 300 RGB LEDs for customized lighting, this strip features a 3200 to 6500 Kelvin color temperature range. Colorful music visualization effects are possible thanks to the unit's built-in microphone. The SM5c's flat cable design ensures an easy and flexible installation. Additionally, the strip can be extended to a length up to 32.8' (extension available separately). Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enables seamless voice commands.

  • RGB light strip suitable for home entertainment setups, home studios, musicians, live streamers, podcasters, content creators, and more
  • Frosted diffusion layer delivers smoother lighting and minimizes glare
  • Three color modes (CCT, HSI, Lighting FX)
  • Supports SidusPro FX, including Picker FX, Lighting FX, Manual FX, and Pixel Control
  • 100 pixels enable Creative Pixel Effects
  • Synchronize the strip with your existing amaran and Aputure lighting fixtures via the Sidus Link app
  • ≤262' Bluetooth operating range
  • ≤197' Wi-Fi operating range

  • Smart LED Light Strip
  • 16.4' Length
  • 3200 to 6500K Color Temperature
  • 300 RGB LEDs Enable Customized Lighting

Package Contents:
1x amaran SM5c LED Light Strip (16.4', Multicolor)
1x AC Power Supply
1x LED Controller
1x Double-Sided Tape
1x Cleaning Kit

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